What Are You Going to Do When You Grow Up?

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I was in the grocery store line and heard a little girl behind me pipe up, telling her mom, “When I grow up, I’m going to teach running because I’m really fast, and I’m going to teach singing because I like it.”  The mom replied that she thought those were great ideas and that her daughter would be good at them.


I chuckled to myself, wondering how many times that child will change her mind about what she wants to do when she reaches that magical stage called “grown up.”


The rest of us know that we never do arrive there. It’s not a real state of mind. Some people are all grown up by the time they are twelve, and they never allow a new idea or belief to cross their mind. They are middle-aged in advance, and not in a good way.


So, what if we think about what our answer to that question would be:  “What Are You Going to Do When You Grow Up?”


My answer is: keep growing!


There are so many ways that all of us can easily grow, expand, stretch ourselves to learn new things. With online sites offering inexpensive courses we can learn a new language, or take a cooking class, or, as a friend of mine did, even learn how to knit by watching free YouTube videos prepared by other knitters.


In the “old days” before the internet, it was of course possible to continue stretching our minds with new ideas by studying, reading, taking a class at the local community center or college. But now it’s so easy you don’t even have to leave home to experience an amazing access to learning.


What does learning do for us? We not only get exposed to concepts we might not have considered before, but we stimulate our minds to keep active. Everyone knows it’s far better to wear out than rust out, as the old adage goes.


What are you going to do today to keep growing?