Weekend Be-Happier Tip #12 Believe in yourself!

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One of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness is an underlying lack of self-confidence. When you doubt yourself, it’s hard to make decisions because you second-guess yourself all the time, trying to please others, trying not to make a mistake.

Life is full of mistakes!  That’s how we learn what doesn’t work, so we can discover what does.  At least, we have the potential to learn if we don’t get stuck in regretting the mistakes we make. Looking back over your shoulder all the time means you are going to stumble on the path today because you won’t even see the rocks right in front of you.

So, my happiness tip #12 is… Believe in yourself!

Have faith that you are capable of growing and learning from the things you try that don’t work out so great. Be inspired by the stories of people who surmount their struggles and go on to excel. You can do it, too!  Even if you aren’t an Olympic champion or an award-winning business person or artist. In your own world, be a winner. Focus on your goals and keep striving to learn from what doesn’t work, so that you will find the things that do.

Have a great weekend!

Evelyn Brooks

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March 25, 2010

Great article. You are right we should learn from our mistakes and move on. There is a very interesting video I just came across called "Act As If" which is about this exact thing...believing in yourself. It's about a girls basketball team with a coach that insists they play and act like champions and thus they become champions...by believing in themselves. http://bit.ly/azI0s1

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