Weekend Be-Happier Tip: spice it up

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With the change of seasons (into autumn or spring, depending which hemisphere you are in), we often find ourselves thinking of other changes in our lives. Little things like the weather change and resulting change of clothing or activities. Bigger things, like seeking ways to grow and stretch yourself to become more fully who you are.  A special being, here on this planet for a temporary journey.

This weekend, why not spice things up? Try new seasonings in your cooking or eat out at a different cuisine you’ve never tried.  Go to the bookstore or library and get some new books about subjects that interest you. If you’re curious about how glass blowers make those elegant bowls, vases and goblets, search online or watch a video about it. Push yourself to do something a bit different this weekend, something that SPICES your life… add savor, add pleasure, add joy.  And share it with someone.

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