Weekend Be-Happier Tip: believe

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Here’s something about stress you might not have realized: self-doubt makes stress grow like a mushroom on steroids.

What’s the solution? Believe…

  • Believe in yourself
  • Believe your goals are worthwhile (if they’re not really, then change them to something that is!)
  • Believe that the universe supports you in achieving what you want
  • Believe that people in your life care about your success (if they really don’t, then find yourself people who do care, or take a look at what you’ve done to turn them off)
  • Believe that when you keep doing the right thing, day after day, and taking right actions, that the right results will come to you. Be aware those results might not be what you carefully planned to get, or hoped and wished for, but they will be right for you at this time in your life
  • Believe that you have a purpose in life
  • And believe that I care about your happiness and wellbeing, because even though we probably haven’t met yet, I do care. We are all connected, and the more we care about each other and uplift one another, the more humanity as a whole will grow and evolve toward love

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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