Weekend Be-Happier Tip #27

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Take a risk!

This weekend, if you want to make “happiness seeker” part of your permanent self description, think of something you’ve held back from doing out of fear that you’ll fail or look foolish.

And now… go do it!

If you’ve always wanted to play miniature golf but you’re afraid you’d be no good at it or people would laugh at you, call up a friend or grab your mate and get yourself to the nearest mini-golf arcade. So what if anyone laughs — be the first to laugh at yourself and have a good time even if you have the worst score in the history of the game!

Maybe you hold back from trying a complex recipe such as a cheese souffle or a chocolate mousse, telling yourself it’s not worth the time. Listen to your heart: if it wasn’t worth the “time” then you wouldn’t be yearning for it. It’s that simple. Indulge your dreams once in a while, and enjoy every step of the process, from picking out the recipe to making the shopping list to buying the ingredients and then preparing the dish. Don’t forget to enjoy the sensory delights of taste and aroma. And invite someone to share it with you. If you live alone, take a sample to a neighbor or call a friend to drop by for the grand taste test.

Get used to doing more things spontaneously, and you will ENJOY your life more fully. Don’t wait for special occasions. Don’t feel you must clean the whole house or apartment before having anyone over. Impromptu fun is great stuff — it’s good for your heart and it’s good for your soul.

Let’s talk more about being happy all this month because I’m in the midst of the finishing touches on my new book about happiness. I’ll invite you to the virtual launch party!

your happiness guru,


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