Weekend Be-Happier Tip #22

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Start your engines!

Last Sunday I watched part of the Indy 500 Qualifying Race as they prepared for this coming Sunday’s annual Memorial Day Indianapolis 500 Race.  During the qualifier, one of the racers had to get some work done on his car, and the announcer commented afterwards, “Now that’s a happy race car!” 

Hey, music for my ears — this happiness guru smiled.  And later, they discussed the challenge another race car driver would have when his “stressed windsock” would be indicating drag in the wrong direction.  Again, a word I’m familiar with: stress!

So I say to you: start your engines!  Do what you need to do this weekend to clear the sludge in your engine, to fuel up your energy for coming tasks, and make sure you’re ready to tackle the next race of your life. We pay attention to all that goes on behind the scenes in big events like the Indy 500, but then when we have a “big event” of our own it’s easy to shortchange the crucial details.  Make a list of the key points you need to take care of on a project that’s important to you, and give it all the care that the pit crew does to make that a happy race car.

For my USA fans, have a safe and sane Memorial Day Weekend! Everybody, enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

your happiness guru,


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