Weekend Be-Happier Tip #21Think small!

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Think small!

What’s that got to do with being happier this weekend? I bet you have a To Do list with a lot of chores and errands on it, things you hope to accomplish before Monday.

But … Did you make any room on that list for enjoying all the small blessings in your life?

Take time to remember that this life can be a vale of tears or it can be an amazing journey with new discoveries and joys every single day. The way to control stress from getting out of bounds is to keep things in balance, and this tip will help you do that!

To get you started, try these steps:

1.  Savor something you enjoy, a small treat like a cooky or an ice cream sandwich or a rich chocolate truffle. Don’t gulp it down and reach for another — eat it like it’s the first time you’ve ever tasted such a thing.  Smell it. Enjoy the sight and texture of it. Take a bite. Chew slowly, letting the flavors burst in your mouth. Stay in the moment with your treat, giving it your undivided attention, the same way you would if you were 5 years old and just handed a wonderful new surprise.

2. If you have kids or pets, play with them! If you are really crunched for time, you can manage 15 minutes for a break, can’t you? Call it recess. Set a kitchen timer if you must, but throw yourself wholeheartedly into a game of tag or fetch, or play Go Fish — it’s a fun card game at any age.

3.  A game to play with older kids or your spouse  is one I used to play with my daughter when she was young and I felt a full-on game of Scrabble would be entirely too one-sided in my favor — here’s how it works: put out the Scrabble  board and all the tiles, but the goal is for both of you to make as many words as you can — leave the board out on a table or kitchen counter and pause in passing to see what new word you might create. The ultimate goal is to use as many of the tiles as you can before starting the game over. No time limit.

4.  If you have a garden, pick a single flower for a bud vase. No garden? Buy one flower at the grocery store — most stores have a floral section and if not, stop by a local florist. The point is to get just one flower that “calls to you” not a whole arrangement or expensive bouquet. Put the flower by your computer or bedside table, somewhere that you will see it often. Pause throughout the day to study the flower and admire the incredible complexity of it. Then think of how complex YOU are.

Look for more small ways to become in tune with your life this weekend instead of racing to get chores done.

Wow, isn’t it amazing to be a human being alive on this planet? What are some of YOUR favorite “small things” — please share with Facebook, Twitter etc.

your happiness guru,


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