Weekend Be-Happier Tip #18 Dream Big

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What plans are you hatching for the future?

If you think small, you will have small results. So dream big and think big! It doesn’t take any more energy.  As a matter of fact, I believe it takes less, because the excitement of a big dream will generate its own electricity to propel you forward.

One evening last week I saw a bird squatting in a planter area next to a parking lot. She had laid three eggs in the landscaping “bark” that covered the ground. She was sitting on the eggs, but when several of us approached,  having just left a meeting in a nearby building, she leapt up and made a big display of her tail feathers, clucking and distracting us. The point was to keep us from noticing her eggs. We carefully walked away. I look for her each time I have to be in that parking lot — sure enough, she’s still there, tending her eggs. My big question is why she didn’t choose a place under a plant or bush instead of out in the open, but I found out this particular bird will even lay eggs on the beach. It’s just what her instinct prompts her to do, instead of building a nest. I still haven’t found out what her official name is, but I call her “Brave Mama” — she picked a very public place to start her family!

Do you have as much faith in your own “eggs” — your ideas? Make your investment in a great idea so solid and firm that the desire for it to hatch fills your being and motivates you to keep working on it each day. For the mama bird, her work entails protecting those eggs, keeping them safe, and then tending to the fledglings until they leave her. What are the steps you can take right now, to make a difference with one of your projects?

Plot it out: 1, 2, 3.  Don’t worry about the whole sequence of steps at this point. Choose what you can do this weekend to dream big.  Maybe you’ll discover that a small idea is ready to hatch and grow into something bigger than you believed possible.

When you expand your dream,  frustration falls away, and you feel energized & renewed.

Go do it!

your happiness guru,


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