Warning signs

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The sign in the image warns: “Wrong Way: Do Not Enter”

Wouldn’t it be handy if signs popped up for us whenever we headed the wrong way in life?

Usually we only notice the red flags after the fact, when we’re trying to figure out what happened and how we landed in this mess.  At that point, we become aware of all the times that there was indeed a warning sign… that little voice inside begging us to stop and reconsider what we were doing or saying… but we ignored it because we were caught up in the headlong rush of “self will run riot.”

A big part of stress-free living is learning to become aware of your choices and where they are most likely to lead.

Watch for warning signs that you are doing something wrong or making a bad decision. Stop barreling ahead with your narrow focus on the specific result you think you want.

For example, if you are single and determined to get married by a certain age because you’ve decided that is how your life timeline should look (and you’ve got the bright idea that being married will solve your loneliness problems), you’ll toss caution aside and date all the wrong men simply because they present themselves in your field of vision.

However, if you consciously shift your goal to a healthier one, such as learning to love your life and being open to have great friends and relationships that support your emotional growth and happiness, you will start attracting people who also want a healthy relationship rather than a quick fix for loneliness.

You will also need to boost your self-esteem by doing esteemable acts, you’ll need to retrain your subconscious to accept that you are good enough — see my book “Forget Your Troubles” for more suggestions.

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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