Virtual book reading of my new book

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Don’t bother to get dressed up.

Stay in your jeans or sweats.

Save your gas or bus tokens.

Enjoy the comfort of your own chair instead of a hard fold-up chair in a bookstore.

Listen at any time, at your convenience.

What’s going on?  It’s a VIRTUAL BOOK READING!

I know that a live in-store book reading is a common, traditional way for an author to promote their new book. But hey, the internet helps us get past traditions while keeping to the spirit of it. So I’ve created an MP3 “author reading” of my new book, GET HAPPY TODAY:  Your Path to Lifelong Happiness

If you’d like to hear me read “Chapter 2, Stumbling Blocks” PLUS get a powerful tip that isn’t in the book but that can help you to start feeling happier right now — run to (“click on”)  my book site and enjoy the virtual book reading without having to go to a bookstore..  It’s at

Did I mention there is no charge? Bring your own beverage, though. I couldn’t figure a way to host snacks for a virtual event.

I’m celebrating the final day of the “ultimate” 31-day blog challenge I have just completed. Please join me at my book reading.  But don’t buy the book yet — wait until Sat. 9/11 because 50% of author proceeds for all sales of “Get Happy Today” will be donated to The National September 11 Memorial & Museum Let’s make a difference together!

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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