Your Thoughts Never Return Empty

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “We become what we think about.” It’s nothing new. It’s wisdom that has been around for thousands of years. And yet we go along through life as if our thoughts don’t really count. I think the problem is that we don’t take it literally—we get the idea it means, if you are generally thinking good thoughts about others and living a decent life, then you’ll “become” a nice person.


But here is the simple truth: we create with our thoughts.


Every single thought we have is transmitting a specific frequency. The reason we scoff at the idea that we create our own reality is that there is a time lag. You think happy thoughts about something you want, but you don’t get it right away, so you give up and believe in good and bad luck instead of your own intrinsic power of creation.


Florence Scovel Shinn explained nearly 100 years ago that our words are really our wands.  Did you ever see the Disney film Fantasia? Do you remember the Mickey Mouse segment called “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”? Without knowing what he was doing, and the power he was wielding, Mickey happily waved the wand around, imitating gestures he’d seen the sorcerer make, and inadvertently created complete havoc.


We do that too. We think mean or nasty thoughts about a person, but feel it doesn’t count since we smiled and didn’t say what was on our mind.  Those thoughts went out into the “ether” and began creating on our behalf. Keep sending similar thoughts and the results will come more quickly, but those words will never return to you without a result.


Our thoughts are somewhat like boomerangs, they always come back to us, but not in the same form: they come back to us, bringing relationships, experiences, events, that are in harmony with those thoughts.  So if you don’t like the results you’ve got in one or more areas of your life, take a look at the thoughts you’re transmitting!


Also, we can often get frustrated when weeks of positive affirmations seem to land us in a worse mess than ever. For example, you’ve been studying and really working with the law of attraction principles to keep your focus on what you desire, to make sure your thoughts are uplifted as much as possible. And then you get in a car accident! Huh? How could that happen when you were being so darned positive every day that you started to feel you should change your name to Pollyanna? It happened because of that time lag I mentioned earlier.  It’s the result of some of your old thinking, so just be patient with yourself and don’t take an accident or an unexpected bill as a sign you are not doing things the right way.


Keep on with your happy healthy thoughts, and the tide will turn.


I suggest using this powerful affirmation from Florence Scovel Shinn:


“I am in perfect harmony with the working of the law. I stand aside and let Infinite Intelligence make easy and successful my way.”


Standing aside means we stop interfering and trying to force events to turn out a specific way. It means sending out our transmissions of joy and goodwill, and holding the full faith that things of like nature will return to us—and it will be an easy and delightful process.