The Operation of Thought

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I’ve been a bookworm all my life. When I was a child, trips to the public library (or to the bookmobile in summer months) were a family event, and I was blessed with parents and older sisters who showed me by their example how to expand my imagination and intellect in the pages of books.  Actually, my nearest older sister, who is three years older, gave me a big push in the direction one summer day before I would be starting second grade. I was whining and begging her to play with me, but she had her nose in a book and couldn’t be distracted. Finally, pushed beyond endurance, she snapped at me, “Read a book!” and waved a hand at the bookcase in the room we shared.

And so, picking one of the “Bobbsey Twins” adventure books, I began a lifelong love of reading, and later developed my devotion to the printed word to be an author as well as a screenwriter with the goal of bring more love, joy and happiness to the world through my self-expression in writing.

As part of being a reader, over the years I’ve amassed a library of wisdom. Below is a passage from a chapter in one of my favorite books, Your Invisible Power written by Genevieve Behrend in 1929.

“Operation of Your Mental Picture”

“All you have to do is to make such a mental picture of your heart’s desire, and hold it cheerfully in place with your will, always conscious that the same Infinite Power which brought the universe into existence brought you into form for the purpose of enjoying Itself in and through you. And since it is all Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty, and Joy, and is the only Creative Power there is, the form it takes in and through you depends upon the direction given it by your thought.”