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Hi blog visitors!   I’m approaching the final week of a “ultimate blog challenge” in which I post a new blog article every day for the entire month of October.  This time, I am doing it with two different blogs, posting daily in both of them.

This blog covers all aspects of stress,  happiness and healthy relationships (which means, of course, that I talk about the UN-healthy ones so you can see what you need to change!)

The other blog site is the “sister” site to this one — — and it is about stress and dieting.

I am also participating in an article challenge — 100 articles in 100 days — which ends 12/31.  My personal goal is to complete 200 articles before the deadline!

What all this means is that in addition to all my other projects, I am coming up with 3-4 new ideas every day of what to write about for my blogs and articles.

Could you help me out?  Let me know what’s on your mind, and post a question in private at my ask page — — where your question can remain totally confidential.  I’ll do my best to “answer” all appropriate questions in either a blog post or an article.

Here are the topics I write about:

  • stress management, stress relief, stress reduction
  • verbal and emotional abuse
  • codependency
  • narcissism
  • stress and dieting
  • how to be happy with the shape you are in
  • how to be happy no matter what your circumstances are
  • how to have a healthy relationship

I look forward to seeing your questions!

your happiness guru,


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