Talking to yourself

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All of us do it. We talk to ourselves pretty much non-stop. Don’t think that if you aren’t talking out loud in an empty room that it means you aren’t a self-talker. You are. In your head. That silent stream of thoughts that runs almost endlessly is self-talk. And the messages you give yourself are powerful.

That’s why it’s so important to become aware of the nature of those messages. Do you put yourself down all the time? Do you give yourself sarcastic comments about your appearance, your abilities and how things are going in your life today?

For many people, it comes as a shock to realize what an enemy they are to themselves with all the negative self-talk.

Once you realize what you’re doing, you’re not stuck with it. You can change the negative into positive, and be on your own side.

What can you do with positive self-talk?

  • Give yourself encouragement.
  • Reduce stress with calming statements
  • Let go of the past by reminding yourself you can’t change it
  • Stop living in the future by grounding yourself in the present moment

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