Restoring Tibet Book Is #1 on Amazon

Restoring Tibet book cover

I am very grateful for the reception my book Restoring Tibet: Global Action Plan to Send the Dalai Lama Home is enjoying. It is #1 in the category of “Peace” and as of this writing it is #11 in the category of “Meditation.”

The reason I wrote this book is to help create a global shift in our positivity via meditating. You probably already know about the power of your thoughts–there are many books and seminars on this topic, and the movie The Secret explained the basics of using the Law of Attraction to get what we desire in life instead of the opposite. However, you may not be aware that when we join together, we amplify the power of our thughts and we can create miracles. The demonstration proposed in this action plan is to envision the Dalai Lama at home again in Free Tibet, to hold that truth in our minds, to see it as real and true. In this fashion, we can achieve magnificent outcomes.

Here is an excerpt from the book:


“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask.

Everything you want also wants you.

But you have to take action to get it.”

―Jack Canfield


 By combining our magnetic power of manifestation, we will bring forth, from out of the field of infinite possibilities, the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet.

We will collectively create the biggest positive demonstration in history. (Up until now the biggest demonstrations have been World War One and World War Two.)

We will join globally in the vibrational energy of focused “collective consciousness” meditations and online events (including grassroots get-togethers around the world) to celebrate in advance the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet.

New Book Release “Restoring Tibet: Global Action Plan to Send the Dalai Lama Home”

Today, fifteen years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I invite everyone in the personal development and spiritual growth communities, supporters of a free Tibet, and our like-minded friends — We the Peaceful – to join together and create a global manifestation of a different variety: the power of love.

The face of peace: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

Who in all the world represents the principles of love, compassion, kindness to a higher degree than the average? Answer: the Dalai Lama.

Restoring Tibet book cover

We’ll use this powerful truth of the law of attraction to send the Dalai Lama home to a free Tibet. The book includes all you need to get started with a daily meditation to manifest Restoring Tibet.

On 9/11/2001 a small group of people created a hate-based demonstration with repercussions felt around the world. The face of fear: Osama bin Laden and those who followed. Their rallying cry: Destroy! There are those today in USA who promote fear-based political agendas and the building of walls. Their rallying cry: Return to greatness–Keep our country safe from strangers!

Those born on and after 9/11/2001 entered a world drenched in anxiety, cautions, warnings, amber alerts, and a sense of powerlessness.

I hope you will join me in creating a higher level of peace in the world.


Get the book here: Restoring Tibet: Global Action Plan to Send the Dalai Lama Home


Insight from the Classic Book “The Little Prince”

One of the most famous quotations from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is: “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”
For more than sixty years, this quote has been repeated by countless readers and fans. Despite the passage of time, it retains its freshness to help us understand more about our true nature.


All too often we look around us and judge life by what we can experience with our senses. Living a condition-based life is the result of that sensory training. In part, of course, we do want to enjoy our senses. This is a physical world and we are not meant to suffer and experience privation, no matter how many times we’ve been taught it is somehow noble to be poor and destitute. That’s Old Worldview thinking that says “Life happens to you—you’ll just have to endure!”  When we constantly look at what’s going on outside of us, however, we start judging ourselves and others based on material things. Feelings of inferiority or superiority can result.


In addition, putting our faith in what we can see gives us a distorted view because we are actually viewing the results of old thoughts, not the new thoughts we have right now which are still in the invisible stage of manifesting their matching results.


If you’ve been practicing affirmations and meditating and wonder why something bad just happened, understand it’s not a result of the affirmations you are doing today.


We don’t manifest instantly. Instead there’s a much needed time-lapse between our thoughts and the results they produce. This is a good thing, because that buffer allows us to keep finetuning our desires, and to catch ourselves when we’re on a tailspin.


Think about what is essential to you in your life. At first we might focus on material comforts and necessities like food, clothing and a place to live. But go beyond that and allow yourself to recognize what is most important to you. If all of the material things were stripped away, what would still be essential to you? Love, family, the ability to create joy?  It may surprise you how much the other parts of life simply become icing on the cake, while the true substance is what you are seeing clearly with your heart, as in The Little Prince.

Wayne Dyer’s Advice on Creating Good Spiritual Habits

Did you ever stop to think about what kind of habits you’ve inadvertently created over a lifetime when it comes to your beliefs about yourself? Most of us did not grow up in the kind of environment where we were taught to think deep thoughts and really get into the inner workings of our mind. Instead, well-meaning parents and teachers passed along the same instructions they were given about getting along in life, and so it goes generation after generation.


But we live in a time of great transition right now, and more people are interested in accessing the power of their minds to create a better life than what seems to happen at random.


I think this advice from self-help guru Wayne Dyer, who passed last year at the age of 75, is particularly appropriate if you’re looking for a good place to start in changing your beliefs.


From Wayne Dyer:  “Believe you are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience. The first step to learning to manifest your reality is you must create a new concept of yourself: as an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience. The I that I use to describe myself is not so obsessed that he insists in staying in one body. In fact, that I that is me finally recognizes that ancient spiritual truth spoken by Divine masters since antiquity: None of us are really doing anything, rather we (our bodies) are merely being done. This I that you use to describe yourself isn’t the physical form that you occupy and take with you everywhere. The I is your higher self, changeless and real.”


Is There Hope for Our Future?

If anyone has the justification to feel hopeless, we might imagine it would be the spiritual leader of Tibet who was run out of his own country nearly sixty years ago and has been in exile in northern India ever since.


However, the Dalai Lama is the embodiment of compassionate understanding of the ways of the world, and his thoughtfulness is reflected in every message, speech and teaching he offers us.  What can we learn from his words? To look at each situation not from the perspective of finding the pain in it, but to find the seeds of growth and optimism.


It is always our own choice how we view every incident in our lives, both private and public. We can take the position of fearing that the world is falling apart and there is no hope for future generations, or we can realize that we are always in a time of growth and evolution and change. When we look to ways to evolve in an upward direction, we make world peace an eventuality instead of simply a wistful wish.


Please enjoy the following excerpt from The Washington Post, Opinions, dated June 13, 2016.


Why I’m Hopeful About the World’s Future

by The Dalai Lama


“While it would be easy to feel a sense of hopelessness and despair, it is all the more necessary in the early years of the 21st century to be realistic and optimistic.

“There are many reasons for us to be hopeful. Recognition of universal human rights, including the right to self-determination, has expanded beyond anything imagined a century ago. There is growing international consensus in support of gender equality and respect for women. Particularly among the younger generation, there is a widespread rejection of war as a means of solving problems. Across the world, many are doing valuable work to prevent terrorism, recognizing the depths of misunderstanding and the divisive idea of “us” and “them” that is so dangerous. Significant reductions in the world’s arsenal of nuclear weapons mean that setting a timetable for further reductions and ultimately the elimination of nuclear weapons — a sentiment President Obama recently reiterated in Hiroshima, Japan — no longer seem a mere dream.”

The following excerpt is from the book Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts.


“Your rate of learning depends entirely upon you, however. Limited, dogmatic, or rigid concepts of good and evil can hold you back. Too narrow ideas of the nature of  existence can follow you through several lives if you do not choose to be spiritually and psychically flexible.


“These rigid ideas can indeed act as leashes, so that you are forced to circle like a tied puppy dog about a very small radius. In such cases, through perhaps a group of existences, you will find yourself battling against ideas of good and evil, running about in a circle of confusion, doubt, and anxiety.


“Your friends and acquaintances will be concerned with the same problems, for you will draw to yourself those with the same concerns. I am telling you again, therefore, that many of your ideas of good and evil are highly distortive, and shadow all understanding you have of the nature of reality.


“If you form a guilt in your mind, then it is a reality for you, and you must work it  out. But many of you form guilts for which there is no adequate cause, and you saddle yourselves with these guilts without reason. In your dimension of activity there appear to be a wild assortment of evils. Let me tell you that he who hates an evil merely creates another one.


“From within your point of reference it is often difficult for you to perceive that all events work toward creativity, or to trust in the spontaneous creativity of your own natures.”


Count Your Blessings in Advance

One of the core principles of using the law of attraction to our advantage instead of unconsciously magnetizing results that we don’t really like or want, is to understand the power of focusing our thoughts so that we appreciate what we want to experience even before we get it.


When we enter into a practice of being appreciative of all that we already have, we set up an internal vibration that brings us into harmony with a higher quality of circumstances. We thus draw those conditions and circumstances and relationships into our life, simply by being grateful. And then, to take the practice even further, if we start being grateful in advance for all that we desire, being thankful we have already received it, the law of attraction will match our energy with what we want to get.


Here’s an excerpt from my book GET HAPPY TODAY: No More Excuses! that explains more about building up an attitude of gratitude.


Chapter 5 – Action Steps: Cultivate gratitude


  1. Don’t expect yourself to be a magical mystical being who doesn’t have fear and who dances through life with a song on your lips every moment of every day. That’s not what being “happy no matter what” means. Happiness is an intention to accept the ups and downs with good humor.


  1. Be grateful for every chance to love someone who is, at this point in time, acting in an unlovable way. Isn’t that what love is all about?


  1. There’s no mystery to how I went quickly from panic to acceptance in the dentist chair. But there is indeed a secret that I will share with you, and here it is: I used gratitude as my path.


  1. Make gratitude a habit in your daily life. It works.


  1. From now on, in everything you do, even the mundane tasks, find ways to say to yourself, “I am grateful for this situation because…” Try it. With practice, it leads you to feel more empowered about your life. As well as happier.




How Many of Your Dreams Has Your Doubt Killed?

If you’re familiar with my books and the blog at my central website, you’ll know I often talk about learning to release our old ways of thinking so we can embrace the power of the mental laws that govern our results.


Let’s take a look at what happens when we come up with a great idea. If you’re about four or five years old, the family is delighted and praises you and encourages you in your wildest dreams. But then…it’s like the voice of logic crashes our lives with a thunderbolt and the message to get practical, to put aside childish daydreams and get in touch with reality.


Depending on how much you toed the line, you may never have achieved something you really wanted in all of your life thus far. But even if that is the case—and it is true for far too many people—you can change all that. Starting right now.


The key is to look at the power of doubt and how often you allow it to control you.


Doubt makes us cringe, it makes us shrink down into a safer smaller size where we won’t attract attention. That’s fine in the “old days” when you didn’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself and your family because you could be imprisoned, enslaved, fined or penalized in some other way. But those old reactions have stayed with us even though they are no longer applicable to today’s way of living. We know so much more now about the power of our minds, and yet we repeatedly fall victim to thought patterns that are thousands of years old, and were created to keep us safe from harm while struggling to get by and provide for our families the best we could in uncertain times.


Now, if you’re ready to start fulfilling your dreams instead of stomping on them, when you have an idea, promise these three things:


  1. I will nourish this idea
  2. I will give this idea the attention it deserves
  3. I will bring this idea into the light so it can thrive


And when doubt in yourself arises, affirm:


  1. I know I can do this!
  2. The dream sprang forth from my own mind and that means it has my name on it!
  3. I imagine it is already real, and I feel that wonderful feeling of fulfillment!
  4. I am a magnet for all that I desire—my dreams fly to be with me!


Ask yourself: What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?  

21-Beads Prayer or Mantra

21-Beads Prayer or Mantra

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When I was in the early weeks of developing the “Restoring Tibet” project whose working title was “The Dalai Lama Is Home Again,” I knew that I could use all the support I could find, particularly since I was working on the project in solitude and utmost secrecy, and would be for many months before the public announcement on 7/6/16 (the Dalai Lama’s birthday).  I created meditation audios and videos for my own use – which I began using twice a day and still use at least twice daily.


I bought a rose quartz bracelet that had 21 small beads strung on pink knotted threads, and meant to be used as prayer beads. I was raised Catholic and still have a favorite wooden rosary, so the use of beads for easily counting prayers was nothing new to me.  I decided a mantra would be nice, but I didn’t know which one to use. I did a quick online search and found various selections, but none of them resonated with me. I felt this prayer needed to be specific to help me envision HHDL (His Holiness the Dalai Lama) already living at home in Tibet, after nearly 60 years in exile, after having fled the Red Army to live in safety in India all these many years.


I wanted a prayer that would inspire me to love, peace, and happiness, with the concepts of freedom and joy for all. There’s no room in a true prayer for pointing fingers or feeling resentment toward a government or other people.  Even the prayers that would mention wishing your enemies are free of suffering didn’t sit well with me vibrationally—that word “enemies” immediately caused a sense of resistance inside me.


And so, I sat down at my computer and wrote my own prayer, patterning it after mantras I had seen at meditation and mindfulness websites. As I worked on it, and edited a word here or there, I felt the rightness of it. We can always tell when the vibrational “hum” is right, because we feel uplifted and lighter in our hearts.


I heard once that the Dalai Lama substitutes a phrase for “enemy” in his own life—and that upgraded phrase is “sacred friend.”  Our sacred friends are people, groups, organizations, etc. who challenge us to still be loving. They aren’t doing that on purpose, it’s that our unguarded reaction to their behavior and actions can prompt anger, fear, resentment—thus giving that sacred friend control over our own lives and emotions. True freedom means we are the ones in control of our thoughts and how we respond to conditions and circumstances.


Here’s the prayer I created. As you read and repeat the mantra, you may find yourself wishing to edit or change a phrase in the prayer so it better fits your own “hum” –but be sure to always keep the energy fine and bright and inspiring.


21-Beads Prayer or Mantra


I am grateful the Dalai Lama is home in Tibet


May I be happy

May I be peaceful

May I be free

May I be loving

May I radiate joy


May my friends be happy

May my friends be peaceful

May my friends be free

May my friends be loving

May my friends radiate joy


May my sacred friends be happy

May my sacred friends be peaceful

May my sacred friends be free

May my sacred friends be loving

May my sacred friends radiate joy


May all events be happy

May all events be peaceful

May all events be free

May all events be loving

May all events radiate joy



Evelyn Brooks

The 21-beads bracelet in the photo is from the Hands of Tibet store on eBay.



How to Get What You Want Every Time

In the classic manifestation book How to Get What You Want, written by Orison Swett Marden in 1923 and referenced countless times in New Thought teachings, Marden tells us,

“Men and women are human magnets. Just as a steel magnet drawn through a pile of rubbish will pull out only the things which have an affinity for it, so we are constantly drawing to us, establishing relations with, the things and the people that respond to our thoughts and ideals. Our environment, our associates, our general condition are the result of our mental attraction. These things have come to us on the physical plane because we have concentrated upon them, have related ourselves to them mentally; they are our affinities, and will remain with us as long as the affinity for them continues to exist in our minds.

“Your thoughts, your viewpoints, your conception of what your status and position in life will be, your ideal of your future, will draw you exactly to that plane like a lodestone. Focus your mind, your predictions, your expectations on poverty, failure and wretchedness; banish ambition, hope, expectation of good things, and give full sway in your mentality to fear, worry, doubt, anticipation of evil, and the ego magnet will draw you unerringly to squalid surroundings, to an inferior position, to association with persons of a lower order of mind on a meaner social plane.

“The great trouble with all of us who are struggling with unhappy or unfortunate conditions is that we have separated ourselves in some way from the great magnetic center of creation. We are not thinking right, and so we are not attracting the right things. “Think the things you want.” The profoundest philosophy is locked up in these few words. Think of them clearly, persistently, concentrating upon them with all the force and might of your mind, and struggle toward them with all your energy. This is the way to make yourself a magnet for the things you want. But the moment you begin to doubt, to worry, to fear, you demagnetize yourself, and the things you desire flee from you. You drive them away by your mental attitude. They cannot come near you while you are deliberately separating yourself from them. You are going in one direction, and the things you want are going in the opposite direction.”

What can we do about this disconnect that is so prevalent in our experience? The obvious solution is to start going in the same direction mentally as your desires are going. We don’t run after what we want–we don’t chase our dreams–all of that turns out to be wrong advice from people who simply did not understand the laws of the human mind.  Instead, we focus on a clear image of what we desire, and we magnetize it to our lives by thinking about it and feeling that it is already true. The difference is immense, and when you start practicing this process — think it–feel it–hold it steady while you magnetize–make it welcome — you will begin calling to you all that you want to enjoy in life including peace of mind, love and prosperity.

Give Yourself Permission to Take a Break

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It seems that we all walk around with massive “To Do” lists and very tiny notes somewhere in the back of our mind that we should stop and smell the roses. Or whatever particular phrase catches your attention, meaning to enjoy life, to breathe in the incredible diversity of our planet and the adventures it offers.
But duty calls, and for most of us, the idea of taking time off that is not a scheduled vacation or a planned outing, is a challenge. We get antsy. It doesn’t feel right, somehow, to hang out and do nothing much. We leap up to put in a load of wash, or dash out to the grocery store and take care of other errands on that ever-present list.
What would it feel like to just take a break? Start with 10 minutes each day. Put down your electronic devices, turn off the television and radio, set aside work, newspapers, magazines and all the other “things” that we use to constantly fill our mind with messages from others.
Go within, and be still. And listen for that message from you. From your heart, from your inner self, your higher self. At first it may be difficult to hear anything because the chatter continues in your mind as you berate yourself for sitting still, think of more items to add to the list, and so on.
Be patient with yourself. When the 10 minutes is up, get up and go about your regular routine with no self-judgment or criticism that you didn’t do your “break” the right way. It may take practice to get back into the easy rhythm of appreciating your life.
But you can do it. I have every faith in you. Oh, and by the way, if you have a wide streak of perfectionism (as I used to), give yourself permission to do the rest of the day’s work at “B+” level instead of overachieving. Your body, your mental health and your stress level will thank you for these changes.
Evelyn Brooks