America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters 2nd Edition

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2nd Edition, 2018. Advanced training for #indivisible #bluewave #swingleft #womensmarch #humanrights and all progressives to defeat and neutralize Trump’s extremist, hate-based agenda. As a nation, we need healing, and we need it now. This book responds to the question posed by millions of people who want to know how to combat Trump’s Administration and regressive agenda of Republicans in Congress. We’ll use the laws of the mind to attract success for the causes dear to the hearts of compassionate and progressive Americans. We can prevent the massive havoc and destruction that Trump and his supporters are championing. This book includes a crash course in using the laws of the mind such as the law of attraction in a more effective way than most of us ever learned.


I am here to make a difference. And I believe you are here to make a difference, too—a positive difference, not the kind of difference Trump and his “America First” supporters are enacting. The world is moving toward globalization and interaction among nations—while Trump demands walls, deportations and other Hitleresque actions that appall sensible people. Even the Dalai Lama—voted the most beloved man in the world—suggests an anti-Trump program in his newest book about politics and the Trump-fed divisiveness among nations.


Together, we can access the power of the mental laws to create the benefits and progress we desire for ourselves and future generations. Battling someone never leads to progress. It only leads to anger, resentments, and anxiety. When fear takes hold, it clings with a grip. We must loosen those barbs of fear and free ourselves to lift up into a higher, finer vibration of spiritual awareness. From that vantage point, we can have a broader perspective of the transformational times we live in, the inevitable fact that many people are still in the old mode of living and will resist and hate us for wanting to keep evolving and expanding.


America’s new breed of Freedom Fighters is not defined by a specific skin color, ethnicity, age, gender, education, economic status or any other distinguishing feature. We’re not a homogenized group. We are the People. My father was a U.S. Army Colonel, former member of the OSS, decorated World War II veteran, and he would never have voted for Mr. Trump. Military people who look behind Fox News to the facts are speaking out against Trump’s administration.


If we fear and dread what the Republicans in Congress will do next, we become inadvertent collaborators—transmitting our invisible energy straight them and feeding their greed for power. Let’s not let that happen to America.


It takes bravery to be a Freedom Fighter. It requires more understanding and self-control to practice nonviolence than to explode in anger when our buttons get pushed. But the payoff is enormously wonderful: we grow, expand, and create more joy in the world. Peace at any price? Not when it means kowtowing to the tantrums of a misogynist, narcissist and racist.


You can’t get happy results by thinking unhappy thoughts. I’m writing this book to offer insight into how you create your life experience moment to moment, day by day. What would it feel like to know that you are making a difference in the world? Would it surprise you to realize that you do make a difference, every single minute? It’s true, and what we have overlooked as a whole is that we are always making a difference, but we don’t see that we affect everything either in a nurturing way or in a devolving way that brings about more of the unwanted all around us.


However, when we take the time to step back from the emotional trauma and recall that we are all eternal spirits here for a reason, then we can make a choice as we ask ourselves: “Do I want to align with goodness, or do I want to align with fear?”


The decision is ours: do we move forward, or do we allow fear to mire us in the mud of inaction? This book provides information on how to peacefully manifest change.




Evelyn Roberts Brooks is a writer, lightworker, and speaker. She’s shared the stage with Bob Proctor (“The Secret”), Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Arielle Ford, Misa Hopkins, Dr. Steve G. Jones, and other experts in personal growth and development.  She’s the author of 25 fiction and non-fiction books including the Liberty & Justice Series (“America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters,” “What Were They THINKING: Inside the Minds of Trump’s Voters,” “When They Go Low WE GO HIGH”), the Born to Triumph Series including the law of attraction bible “YOU WERE BORN TO TRIUMPH: Create a Five-Star Life in Your Quantum Kitchen” as well as the Born to Triumph series of personal development books on individual topics; “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today;” “Calling All Lightworkers;” “Heal Toxic Friendships” and other self-help books, as well as novels, including “The Dream Spinners.” She’s an optioned screenwriter and Nicholl Fellowship quarterfinalist. She’s also the founder of Her book Restoring Tibet: Global Action Plan to Send the Dalai Lama Home outlines the path to collectively envision the Dalai Lama’s return to Free Tibet and make it happen. Evelyn is passionate about helping others experience a transformational healing in their lives, reduce stress, heal heartache from loss, divorce, grief and trauma, and lead happier lives.

With an emphasis on helping others gain clarity about the life changes they would like to make and then showing them how to expand in awareness, Evelyn inspires and encourages while making the lessons entertaining and inspiring. Her goal is to help millions of people heal and be happier. Claim your Serenity Gift Collection at

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