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It would be my great pleasure to help you find your right path and true purpose in life, so that you can wake up each day eager to create more of what you love in every area of your life… your relationships, health, wealth, freedom to travel and express your creativity, and to be of service in a way that is meaningful to you.  Payments are processed securely by PayPal using Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, e-check or debit card. You don’t need a PayPal account.

1. e-Courses, self-paced coaching lessons

Each episode of my Empowerment Series provides you with at least 4 hours of in-depth coaching lessons, workbook pages, bonuses and transformational tools to start creating a big difference in your life RAPIDLY!

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Be Healthy Be Rich $27 add cart orange cart

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Attract the Health and Wealth You Desire  

Get yourself in perfect harmony with the vigorous health and abundant wealth that you desire…and those results must come to you. It is Law!


Heal Your Broken Dreams product

Heal Your Broken Dreams $27 add cart orange cart

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Get Unstuck from Grief and Pain.  

Divorce? Disaster? Job loss? Scary medical diagnosis? Passing of a loved one or pet? Learn how to heal your pain, unearth the treasure from it, and move forward with peace in your heart.



 Unstoppable Confidence ONLY $17 add cart orange cart

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Become Unafraid, Unstoppable, Unshakable. 

Empower yourself with the technologies you need to have abundant confidence in yourself and your big goals. Be irresistible and magnetize your desires to come into your life!



Stop Being a Doormat NOW! $37 add cart orange cart

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Break FREE from Toxic People-Pleasing. Learn how to cope with a narcissist.

Learn how to stop being an easy target for relationship vampires who leave you exhausted and unhappy. Start attracting the wonderful, healthy new love you really want.  “Stop Being a Doormat NOW!” shows you how to: UNCOVER what is holding you back so you know what needs changing. RELEASE fear and worry.  CHANGE your love magnetism to hook the RIGHT kind of guy or gal who will love and support you as an equal. END your history of dating the WRONG ones, who leave you feeling flat and empty. DUMP your toxic relationship. SPEAK UP with my suggested SCRIPTS  for what to say. CREATE a powerful SELF-IMAGE that will draw Mr. or Ms. Right to you like a MAGNET! CLAIM the wonderful experience of TRUE LOVE that you want and deserve!


2.  Condensed Seminar Series — Learn with the Masters!

Your Dream World Summit — Gold Collection

Dream Summit product

Over 22 hours of fantastic interviews with experts for every area of your life.

$97 collection (super value!) add cart orange cart

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The only world-class telesummit that shows you how to live the big dreams that are calling you! Collection includes:

  • 22 hours of speaker interviews (including such notables as Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Arielle Ford, Dr. Margaret Paul, and Misa Hopkins),
  • comprehensive interview transcripts,
  • Diamond Notes highlighting each speakers’ best quotes and insights,
  • motivational and healing MP3s,
  • bonus gifts and more!

The Gold Collection is a beautiful gift for yourself to support your dreams and inspire you to live the life you’ve been imagining.


3.  Power-Up Subliminal Recordings

 “Calm Assurance” Subliminal Collection $12 add cart orange cart

Only $12 for 12 MP3s (6 hours total listening time)

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Chill Out with 6 Hours of Subliminal MP3s

Retrain your mind with Power-Up easy listening music–12 different instrumental songs, 12 different topics. Calm Assurance is a fully downloadable collection of 12 thirty-minute MP3 recordings each containing life-affirming subliminal messages embedded beneath the easy listening music. It’s a simple and effective way to support the dreams you have for leading a more expansive and fully aware life. Topics include: confidence, success, releasing fear and doubt, getting organized, and more.

4.  BOOKS:
You’ll find my 25+ books on Click here or remember the site: “”