Stop Playing Chicken with Your Life–Online Seminar

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Stop Playing Chicken with Your Life–Online Seminar
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[The free event is over–Sign Up for gifts in sidebar, and you’ll be notified of my next free webinar!

Stop Playing “Chicken” with Your Life

Free Online Seminar

SPECIAL Conference Call with Evelyn Brooks

Thousands of people have applied the secrets

you’ll discover on this free phone call

to create the life they’ve always wanted! 

Coaching Call: 75 minutes


Are you sick & tired of not getting results you LOVE?

You don’t have to keep struggling!

In This 75-Minute Free Seminar You’ll Discover:

  Baby Chick

Evelyn’s exclusive S.M.A.R.T. System — as revealed in her bestselling stress management book, Forget Your Troubles

Baby ChickHow to make 2014 RADICALLY BETTER  — I’ll teach you how to STOP settling for less!

Baby ChickThe  right way to use 2 powerful manifestation technologies (that most people use wrong!)

Baby ChickHow to avoid the typical downward spiral of New Year’s Resolutions

Baby ChickHow to start living your life by deliberate creation instead of by default

Baby ChickAn amazing and easy “visioneering” technique anyone can learn and benefit from

Baby ChickA special offer to provide you with the support, system and structure that successful people need

Baby ChickThe 5 key questions to ask about your dream for 2014 — without the right answers, you’re at risk!

Baby Chick3 simple things you can start doing now to get on the path toward love, prosperity and happiness

Baby Chick How to write a comprehensive and balanced Vision Statement for your life so that you can enjoy HOLISTIC SUCCESS, not just success in one area of your life

When you register, you’ll not only get the “Release Your Inner Power” program to start enjoying immediately, you’ll also get a downloadable form to use during the workshop to create your personalized VISION for what you would love to experience in 2014 and beyond.  

In the email that confirms your registration, you’ll find a link for the PDF form called “My Vision Statement” — it’s one page to print out and fill in during the workshop with me, so you’ll have a tangible reminder of what you want to deliberately create in the coming year. It’s a powerful tool and I urge you to take advantage of it!

 NOTE: you MUST register for the call, because only people on the registration list will be given the access number and code for the phone conference at Instant Teleseminar. You can dial in or enjoy the conference on your computer. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early because there is limited ‘seating’ and you won’t want to miss this seminar!

I hope to “see” you at the online seminar!  

with love,