redoing: are you impatient

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Hi blog visitors, I’m trying to redo today’s post because WordPress cut off half of it and the full blog is lost to cyberspace. Darn, I think I was channeling some wise person because I can’t think of what I said earlier. There was a lot more detail than this but I have to let go of it. Here is my second try at helping you be more patient, and of course I learned more about the process myself because of the inherent frustration in having to do something over when I was pleased with my original results hours ago…

It takes time for apple blossoms (see photo) to turn into apples. And it takes time for puppies to grow into dogs. But it seems like everything else in life is fair game when it comes to trying to hurry it up.
Are you impatient with life?
Do you expect to get instant results in your relationships? If so, you are needlessly, and probably heedlessly, producing a lot of stress, not only for yourself but those around you.
A big part of relationships is learning give-and-take. When your own agenda and the results you are determined to get take over your thinking and become more important than whether everyone is happy, then you’ve got a situation on your hands that’s going to backfire. Soon. If it hasn’t already.
The cure? (You know I’ll give you some tips, right? I wouldn’t leave you clueless.) Try these steps:
1.    BREATHE. Stop what you’re doing, stop all the planning and scheming and second-guessing. And simply breathe. Look around you and notice where you are. Find something pretty to look at, such as a tree or flower. Notice its quiet beauty.
2.    Let go of the results you have in mind
3.    Talk to your partner and ask what is on their own agenda. Listen as they tell you, without cutting in to promote your own desires.
4.    See where the two agendas can coincide or overlap, and work toward that end together.
5.    Realize that life is a journey to enjoy along the way. Don’t be in such a rush to get specific results. Allow the surprises to happen!

Your happiness guru,

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