The Power of Belief

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For many thousands of years, our ingrained thinking pattern handed down from one generation to the next has been to repeat and believe: “I’ll believe it when I see it!”

We learned to doubt our own abilities to manifest the life we want. We learned to be skeptical about anything that can’t be photographed, measured, weighed or somehow pointed to and verified. We agreed with each other that life is hard–it’s a struggle–if something good happens it probably won’t happen again (not with your “luck” anyway).

And then along came quantum physics and turned everything on its head.

For most of the world, nothing has changed, because they have not had access to the new information, or they resist trying something new. People will say things like, “Oh, yeah, I saw that movie The Secret and I tried that law of attraction stuff but it doesn’t work!”

Doesn’t work? It works 24/7, the same way gravity does. We are always attracting — but if we say “I want that wonderful thing over there” and inside we believe we can’t have it, don’t deserve it, will never manage to get it… then which result do you think will show up?

That’s right: what we believe inside is what we bring into our experience.

As James Allen put it so well in his classic book As a Man Thinketh from 1902: “We think in pictures and it comes to pass — environment is but our looking glass.”

Take a look at your “environment” — what your relationships are like, your job, your health, where you live. Look all around and realize you created that.

Now, if you don’t particularly like some (or all) of it, here’s the good news: You can create something better, starting today.

Join people like me who are “leading edge creators” as Abraham-Hicks puts it, and learn how to access the true power of your mind.

Believe you can change your life in a positive way and guess what will happen? Your life will begin to reflect that new belief.