The Power of Forgiveness to Transform Your Life

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Dr. Joseph Murphy was an author, teacher and philosopher whose great contribution to understanding the laws of the mind and the scientific application of thought to improve our daily lives cannot be overestimated in my opinion. He’s one of my favorite writers, and I love to dip into my collection of books written by him, both paper hard copies and ebooks on my iPad. The passage below was written by Dr. Murphy and I chose it as a focal point for this discussion about forgiveness because he explains it so well, and so simply, in terms we can all understand. Often when the subject of forgiveness comes up, we seem to dig in our heels as we call forth (or dredge up) the memory of a hurt that we still nurture and refuse to release. But when we practice the loving art of forgiveness–forgiving ourselves and others for mistakes and wrongs–we access a new freedom from pain. Here is what Dr. Murphy recommends as a process:

How to Develop Faith in God and Forgiveness

There is a price to be paid, but all men and women can pay that price by giving up feeling sorry for themselves, ceasing all self- condemnation and self-criticism and condemnation of others, and entering into the spirit of forgiveness of themselves and others. When the thought of resentment of another comes to your mind, affirm: “I release you and wish for you all the blessings of life.” As you continue to do that, the person will come to your mind and there will be no sting. In other words, you will no longer mentally sizzle—then you will know you have forgiven and forgotten.