Calm Assurance

Calm Assurance

Monday, February 19th, 2018

Craving more calmness in your life?  Chill Out the Easy, Healthy Way!

Is your life so busy you barely take time to relax? (Let alone contemplate your higher purpose for being here?) The results you see in your life are directly related to what your subconscious mind BELIEVES you can achieve. Retrain your subconscious with the powerful Calm Assurance subliminal (meaning, beneath your audible hearing range) affirmations in my 6-hour collection of 12 recordings. It’s the easy way to calm down and enjoy life more.

Why use subliminal messages? Because they are a proven, rapid way to see improved results! Repetition is the “First Law of Learning” according to success guru Bob Proctor (“The Secret”).

Listen to positive messages again and again — my subliminal “Calm Assurance” collection makes it so easy to do just that. The Calm Assurance collection RETRAINS your mind with powerful subliminal messages while you do other things.

Here are just a few ways you could use the CALM ASSURANCE Power-Up music/message tracks during your daily routine:

  • Play “Organize and Prioritize” while you do routine tasks and housework you’d like to streamline — you won’t hear my voice audibly, but your SUBCONSCIOUS will understand the messages!
  • Listen to “Open Your Energy Field” and “Enjoy Vibrant Health” while you stretch, jog or go to the gym 
  • Play “Awaken to Your Power” on a low volume in the background while watching TV or working at your computer
  • While you do paperwork and the kids study, scroll your playlist to “Release Fear and Doubt” — the quiet messages beneath the music will help improve your performance and mood
  • “Recalibrate Your Capacity for Joy” helps turn tedious errands into a powerhouse coaching session
  • While you get dressed and brush your teeth, listen to “Advance Confidently” and “Get in Harmony with YOU” to start off your day right
  • While your body sleeps, your mind is still active and awake — give it some homework during the night: play the entire 6-hour collection on “Repeat” mode
  • Pick the topic you want for your day’s activities, such as  “Embrace Accountability” and “Validate Your Life Vision”
  • Ready to relax and meditate? The perfect choice is “Float Downstream”
  • Want support for making changes in your life? You’ll love “Create a 180 Degree Shift”



For only $12!

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We can’t create growth by trying to shove old habits and belief patterns out the door.

The key is to displace the old ideas with healthier new messages about ourselves.

I selected 12 topics that most people want to see change in. I created highly effective affirmations to build a sense of calm assurance in each of these areas. Each recording has an average of 32 messages that loop continuously while you listen to the music. (By the way, the music is different for each track.)

You won’t notice the powerful subliminal messages repeating during each 30 minute program, both at my normal speaking tempo and at a rapid tempo. Studies prove that the subconscious mind readily accepts high-speed subliminal messages that would sound like a chipmunk if you turned up the volume.

01 Advance Confidently

01 Advance Confidently:  

I release old ideas that hinder my growth; I relax, knowing that everything I desire is already here, and now manifests in my life…and more!

02 Create a 180 Degree Shift

02 Create a 180 Degree Shift:

I succeed in my goals happily and with ease; It’s okay to release negative stories; I enjoy learning from my past while I move forward…and more!

03 Release Fear and Doubt

03 Release Fear and Doubt:

I release feelings of disappointment; I accept that I am a perfect spiritual being having a human experience…and more!

04 Embrace Accountability

04 Embrace Accountability: 

I  forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made; I accept accountability for my part in every situation; I release the need to be right all the time…and more!

05 Get in Harmony with YOU

05 Get in Harmony with YOU:

I know the Universal Spirit provides all I need; I deliberately create joyful experiences; It’s okay to redefine myself in positive terms…and more!

06 Awaken to Your Power

06 Awaken to Your Power:

 I attract the results I desire in every way, every day; Perfect power and perfect health are mine every day…and more!

07 Open Your Energy Field

07 Open Your Energy Field:

 I accept that the power of my mind is unlimited; Breathing in, I nourish my soul with love; Breathing out, I radiate joy to the world...and more!

08 Float Downstream

08 Float Downstream:

 I watch my cares and worries drift past me like leaves on the water; I release worry and procrastination; I enjoy an easy path to success… and more!

09 Enjoy Vibrant Health

09 Enjoy Vibrant Health:

 I am a powerhouse of energy and good feelings; All the cells in my body cooperate to bring me perfect health; I release excess weight easily…and more!

10 Organize and Prioritize

10 Organize and Prioritize:

 My life is in efficient, comfortable order; Each day I focus on the most important tasks; I release old habits that do not serve me well today…and more!

11 Validate Your Life Vision

11 Validate Your Life Vision:

 I love being alive, helping the world expand; I create a beautiful vision, knowing what I create in my mind will manifest in my experience…and more!

12 Recalibrate Your Capacity for Joy

12 Recalibrate Your Capacity for Joy:

 My soul is on a happy journey; I release old resentments; I have an endless capacity for love and joy…and more!


 All 12 Recordings (6 hours) 

for only $12

Buy NowThe experience is like having me as your own personal coach whispering a pep talk that supports all the magnificent changes you want to create in your life!

Calm Assurance is a fully downloadable collection of 12 thirty-minute (6 hours!) MP3 recordings. Each 30-minute track focuses on a specific topic, as described above, with life-affirming subliminal messages embedded beneath the easy listening music.The Calm Assurance MP3 collection is a simple and effective way to support a more expansive, joyful and fully aware life.


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