Plant a Healthy Dream Seed

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During my 4-day free online event that ended last night — YOUR DREAM WORLD SUMMIT — the message we heard again and again from each of my 22 guest speakers was that is you want to live a better life, then you have to take action. You can’t just sit there on the couch or in the coffee house bemoaning “Fate” and the bad luck that you’ve got.  We create our own luck! It’s a matter of attitude, and most of us were never taught the power of focusing on our goals with steadfast determination.

Is it a challenge to keep positive and upbeat sometimes? You bet it is! It can be very easy to fall in with the life-choking conversations that are all around us.  That’s why I made a commitment to myself and to the people I want to serve with positive messages, that I will always bring quality messages of hope to you, along with advice, suggestions and proven techniques to help you finally live the life you’ve longed for, perhaps for many years, and didn’t know how to achieve.

Here’s a special message from Mister Rogers about how to tend that garden of our mind and plant healthy thought seeds.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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