How to Open the Doors to All You Want

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How to Open the Doors to All You Want
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Here’s a quick secret: Appreciating what you’ve got opens the door to more. More what? More of whatever is in harmony with what you are being grateful and appreciative about. So if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your old car that keeps needing service, it’s a really bad idea to grip about it to yourself and others, and to diss the car itself (e.g. cursing it when it won’t start, etc.)

Now, we’ve all done the wrong thing, we’ve tried to push away what we don’t like, and beg for something better to magically appear. The reason for this common experience is the human history of thinking upside down and backwards, completely contrary to the laws of the mind, if we were even thinking at all.
To be really frank, you might be interested to know that most people simply don’t think. They have a lot of mental activity, so it appears they are thinking, but reacting to conditions is not “deliberate” thinking of any kind. It’s not useful, either, especially when you want to improve something in your life: a relationship, your health, your job, or even that pesky old car.
Try it out: show appreciation for everything in your life (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and watch how things start turning around for you.
Start your day with a simple mantra: I love my life, I’m so grateful for everything. Throughout the day, when you catch yourself starting to complain to or about someone or something, shift that energy into appreciation. A coworker ticked you off by breaking the copy machine and walking away without telling anyone it needed fixing? Pause, take a deep breath and say to yourself: I appreciate my job, I appreciate cooperative coworkers, I appreciate all I have in my life, I appreciate the Gift of Life.
It’s not about being phony. It’s about finding something to be glad about. Kinda like Pollyanna.
Appreciation: It’s truly a magical secret!