No pain, no … what?

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Did you automatically say “No pain, no gain!” ???

I wish whoever had started that saying, had bitten his or her tongue instead of spouting off.And how on earth did it get accepted and passed along as truth for so many years that we say it to ourselves and others without even stopping to think what the negative message truly is?

It does more harm than good, in my opinion.  Here’s what saying “no pain, no gain” does:

  • you imbed the stressful idea in your brain that if it doesn’t hurt, then you aren’t growing or achieving goals
  • when you enjoy yourself while working on a project, you feel guilty because surely that pleasure must mean you are shallow or not working hard enough
  • it keeps us chained to the idea that good things are actually painful and a vale of tears
  • it makes it harder to recognize when something is painful because it is BAD for you and you should stop doing it
  • most of all, it keeps people trapped in unhappiness

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Evelyn Brooks

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