New Book: Six Secrets for a No-Fault Marriage

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New Book: Six Secrets for a No-Fault Marriage
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Do you wish your marriage could be more loving and fulfilling? Are you single and wish you could attract a new marriage or loving relationship into your life? We attract to us what we magnetize in our thoughts–and this little-known secret is the key to having happy relationships and a thriving romance. In this condensed book you’ll learn SIX SECRETS to creating and enjoying a wonderful marriage or partnership with your beloved. This book will also help you learn how to prepare yourself to better understand the dynamics of intimacy so you can attract the soulmate you are yearning for.  BONUS GIFT: readers of the book get access to a special collection of harmonious MP3 music. You can stream the music from your device or download the album–there are 10 MP3 tracks and all are soft instrumental melodies.  I suggest you play the music as a soothing background while you expand on the process of stabilizing your marriage…and then growing it into a joyful relationship. Get the book exclusively on Amazon: CLICK HERE


I wrote this book to help you not only learn from my own mistakes and life lessons when it comes to romantic relationships, but to share the laws of the mind that I now understand could have helped me back then. Most of us plow our way through relationships with little or no information about how to actually create lasting love and trust.


Read this book in about 90 minutes, and start creating change in your life right away! I deliberately made the book a condensed read so you won’t find a lot of stories or analogies. I wanted you to be able to jump right in, grab the information and a new understanding, and begin at once to attract more love and harmony into your relationship.


Does it have to take years of painful confrontations to discuss what is wrong with your marriage and set about with grim determination to fix it? Only if you believe it takes years! What if you could resolve the issues that are causing blockage, strife and pain in your relationship – starting tonight?


You CAN have the ability to radically transform your marriage and your entire life when you learn the secrets to taking quantum leaps. Stop trying hard to make things work between you, and start allowing the power of your desired outcome to pull you effortlessly into a more joyful and harmonious relationship.


In this volume of the “Born to Triumph — Start Living Your Greatness” rapid results book series, you’ll shortcut all the old ideas for “fixing” what is wrong in your relationship and create a new environment with your spouse that allows love and joy to flourish. By the way, this volume is dedicated to my mentor and teacher, the incomparable Bob Proctor.


Get started now, while you’re ordering the book, and state your intention to heal your marriage or to get ready for your soulmate if you are single: “I release the past to the past, I allow pain and dissension to float away like dark smoke, and I create all the love and joy I want to experience NOW in my life!”  Get the book exclusively on Amazon: CLICK HERE