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My official “launch” of my new book “Get Happy Today: Your Path to Lifelong Happiness” could not have happened without the encouragement and support of many people. Thank you to all!  And of course the book is still available (that was just a one-day promotion) at my site

Now it is time to move on to new projects. Writing a book is an incredible experience, but it also takes an incredible amount of physical time each day, along with the mental and emotional energy required to keep moving forward when you feel a bit low or lacking in energy. The reward is a project completed, and I’m happy and grateful to have my book “Get Happy Today” out there to help people learn the practical science to being happy all the time, no matter what “stuff” is going on in your life!

I was going to take the day off to relax, but find myself at my computer, where I spend long hours every day. I promised a writing buddy that I’d read his newest comedy script and give him my feedback. When you’re a writer, you work in isolation with the characters and ideas in your head. It’s an essential part of the process to take the risk of showing your work to someone else and ask “Hey, what do you think?”   Feedback and comments from someone who wants you to succeed can make all the difference, because someone who is detached emotionally from your work can often see areas that need clarification or further work.

Remember when you give feedback to anyone, including your kids, spouse, etc., always start with praise!  Compliment the person for the work they’ve done. Don’t immediately fly into a critique of what needs fixing or doing over. That attitude is one many of us grew up with, if not at home then at school from teachers who were not trained in healthy ways to motivate students to excel.  So be sure to praise first, and then politely say that you noticed a few things that could be improved, and ask if they would like your input.

Try the process of praise first, then positive critique. You will probably find that people are less defensive and argumentative when you approach things that way.

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

PS  The ebook is available for instant download access – very handy if you live outside No. America and want to avoid shipping charges from for the paperback (although amazon also has my book in a Kindle edition)

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