My guest blogger is Michael “Supercoach” Neill

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Michael Neill has been a coach, advisor, friend, mentor, and creative sparkplug to celebrities, CEO’s, royalty, and anyone who want their life to feel less serious but more meaningful. Today, I’m pleased to share with you the launch of his new book, Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life.

Here’s what my friend NY Times best selling author Peggy McColl says about it:  “This is unlike ANY so-called ‘self-improvement’ book you’ve probably ever read! I’m convinced it may very well be YOUR key to the great life you’ve always wanted.”

And here’s Michael to tell you about it:

Hey everybody,

In this fun, easy-to-read book, you’ll discover the secrets of transforming your life, and you’ll also find dozens of exercises and “supercoaching tips” that will help you to have more of an impact on the lives of the people you care about most—your family, friends, colleagues, and clients.

Best of all, if you order Supercoach today, you’ll also be entered into a drawing to be coached one on one by some of the most extraordinary coaches in the world, including Robert Holden, Jennifer Louden, Paul McKenna, Peggy McColl, and me!

Whether you want to powerfully impact the lives of the people around you or simply wish to create a deeper, more meaningful experience of being alive, I wrote this book for you — Supercoach is your essential guide to helping yourself and assisting others.

Visit my page right now to order your copy of my book, watch a brief video where I tell you about what’s possible, read the introduction to my book online, and learn more today!

with love,

Michael Neill

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