My guest blogger is Michael Linenberger, productivity guru

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Master Your Workday Now!, a remarkable new book by productivity guru Michael Linenberger, offers a revolutionary yet simple system that automatically eliminates overwhelm, boosts focus & concentration, and allows you to get much more done in much less time. Here’s Michael…

If you’re feeling swamped, if work spills over into your
home-life, dragging down your relationships and eating
into your “me” time, or if your work doesn’t light you up
inside… then your day is about to get a whole lot better…

The fact is… most of us are bogged-down at work –
unending demands are crushing our effectiveness and
zapping our energy. It feels like there are simply not
enough hours in the day to get things done, and there
seems to be no end in sight.

But there is a powerful solution!

For the past thirty years, I’ve been actively uncovering
and devising creative solutions to the most common and
challenging workday problems.  I’ve been leading and
teaching people how to overcome their overwhelm and
sharing the secrets to greater freedom, ease and
effectiveness at work.

And now, I have put all of these cutting-edge solutions
together for you in my brand new book. In Master Your
Workday Now!

You will:

– Develop hyper-focus, and concentrate on the task-at-hand
(so you’re less prone to distraction from outside influences)

– Get more done, more quickly (and then get home earlier)

– Eliminate overwhelm (because it’s impossible to accomplish
the critical, big-picture tasks when you’re buried under an
avalanche of ‘minutiae’)…

– Create, and master, a more productive life…
– Have your day support your goals.

– Restore much-needed sanity to your work life…

– Instill order and sense to your daily tasks and e-mail …

– Feel in control of your chaotic work life and your calendar…

– RELAX … knowing you finally have a handle on everything

– Save 30% of your time, reduce stress, and put you back
in charge of your calendar…

– Completely master your tasks, e-mail, goals, career direction…

– Enjoy a life that feels stress-free, spacious, and relaxed …

– Get those tasks done on time, in prioritized order, without
ever feeling overwhelmed….

– And feel happier, and more richly fulfilled, than ever before!

Imagine, just for a moment… if it were possible to get
yourself back on track… if you suddenly found you were
organized again… and if you had at your fingertips the
tools to effortlessly eliminate all the sources of overwhelm
at work… if you picture this now… just how much more
rewarding, satisfying and happy has your whole life become?

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not only possible, but time after time, I’ve helped
my clients achieve this.  And now, without having to pay
the thousands of dollars clients have paid me for this training
and consulting, you can have it for less than $15, along with
some amazing gifts.

I promise, with Master Your Workday Now! in your hands,
you’ll easily rise above overwhelm and the press of too many
tasks… eliminate lack of focus and workday blur, avoid too
many meetings and endless fire drills, and instead, create
productive workdays and effortless success… for good!

It’s right here, now:

To Your Success!
Michael Linenberger

P.S.   This is what mega-bestselling author Brian Tracy,
author of Time Power, has said about Master Your
Workday Now!

“This fast-moving, practical book is loaded with great ideas
that help you to focus, concentrate, and get more things
done faster than ever before.”

And you’ll see even more reviews from other outstanding
business leaders here:

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November 21, 2011

My hat is off to your austte command over this topic-bravo!

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