My guest blogger chats about "Thin is in"

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Hey everyone, I know a lot of my readers stress out about their weight so I know you’ll enjoy today’s guest blog post by Irene Roth.  Here’s Irene now… and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!  Evelyn

The Thin-Is-In Mentality

Irene S. Roth

Hi. My name is Irene Roth from and I am happy to be here as a guest on Evelyn Brooks’ blog. I have been reflecting on The Thin-Is-In mentality for some time now. I think that women are very unhappy and dissatisfied with their bodies because of it. There are many reasons why this kind of mentality can really hurt women.

First, most women are not thin but are of normal height and weight. Their normal weight and size will depend on their unique body shape and size. There is nothing more unnatural and oppressive than someone dictating how a woman should look and a woman trying to fit a mould that she cannot achieve, making herself feel increasingly vulnerable and unhappy with herself.

Second, this kind of mentality reduces women to being self-conscious about their size. This causes women to be on a continuous diet all of their lives. This kind of mentality can also stop a woman from enjoying who she is fully. All women are beautiful in their own way and they cannot realize this if society keeps saying that she should be slimmer and slimmer with each passing year.

Third, this thin is in mentality makes women feel mediocre if they are not the perfect shape, size, and appearance. Most women in the media are airbrushed for hours to look a certain way that would be appealing to viewers. But this mentality may only be appealing to men, because when it comes to women, the continuously projection of this mentality makes a woman very unhappy. Women start feeling very vulnerable and uncertain of themselves and if they don’t live to the images in the media, i.,e., if they are not perfect in size, shape and appearance, they suffer in their own hands of self-deprecation and self-criticism.

So, the thin is in mentality has made women very unhappy and uncertain of themselves. It is time for women to emancipate themselves from this mentality in order for them to be happy and content. It is time for women to develop a new, emancipated image that focuses on the unique is in. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. She just must believe it and not let the media reduce her to an opinion or mentality.

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