Law of Attraction in Relationships, part 2

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Why Did My “Perfect Partner” Leave Me?

Part two of a two-part series– see yesterday’s blog post for part one. 

My guest blogger  is Rebecca Hanson (Global Law of Attraction Training Center) with part two in this terrific series about attracting your right relationship. Here’s Rebecca:

In part one of this series, we examined: “Why am I NOT in a relationship with the love of my life?” If you missed that article, click here to read it.

In Part 2, we’ll look at why a seemingly “perfect partnership” falls apart and how to turn such a disappointment or pain into great personal growth.

So, you made your list of what you want in a guy (or gal) and you attracted THE ONE. You just know this is THE ONE because they seem to fulfill every desire on your list. WOW!  You didn’t know you were so powerful, did you?  In fact, the realization of just how powerful you are can make your head spin–your vibration soars!  And “Oh, I just know this is the perfect person,” becomes your mantra. You begin to see each other often. You spend lots of time discussing everything from your favorite color to foods and sharing life experiences. Where has this person been? Why did it take us so long to find each other? In your mind and imagination, you can see the two of you together forever.

And then, it may be weeks, or months later, you are NOT together and you wonder, “Did I do something wrong?  Is the Universe playing tricks on me? I thought this was THE ONE. What happened?” They found someone else. Or you discover something about them that caused you to withdraw from them. Maybe you just drifted apart. One thing is true, the disappointment of this relationship has released a tirade of self-depreciation and reinforced the old tapes–“It might happen for others, but it won’t happen for me” and “I’ve missed my one chance at true love!”

Let’s look at three reasons why a seemingly “perfect relationship” might not last forever:

Reason # 1: We’ve changed.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract people, opportunities, situations and things that are in harmony with our dominant vibration. What happens, sometimes, is that people are harmonious for a while, and then one person makes a decision or changes and sets themselves on a path that no longer harmonizes with our vibration.

Here’s a little graph to illustrate what happens when people change vibrationally:

While your vibrations were in sync at first, somewhere down the road, you begin to take different paths and the synchronicity is not there.

Reason # 2:  My list of desires was incomplete.

You did not realize that some things in a relationship are very important until the relationship ended. Do you remember the lady who wrote to me in part one of this series? She had not realized how important it is to attract a lover who has healed from past hurts. While she is still in love with this man, he could not remain in the relationship, due to his fear that she would one day leave him as his former lover had. To protect himself, he ended the relationship with the writer. He simply was not ready for a deep lasting relationship. Now, this lady has “healed and ready to commit” at the top of her list!

Reason # 3:  I am learning Self-acceptance.

Your Higher Self is ready for you to evolve into a more complete self-acceptance. That’s right — your Higher Self knows just how much you depend on others for your self-esteem and so it sets the stage for a dramatic (and often painful) situation.

This Higher Self is the True You. The One you’ve shied away from. The YOU you’ve avoided for so long. Your Higher Self has a message for you and wants your attention. It will have your attention sooner or later. And the sooner, the easier the lesson.

I have a client who is being confronted with this lesson and it is so painful to watch her struggle with it. The GOOD NEWS is that our Higher Self only wants our highest good and that includes:

KNOWING yourself

ACCEPTING yourself

HONORING yourself

TRUSTING yourself

LOVING yourself.

Once we believe that we ARE magnificent, delicious, marvelously designed spirits having a human experience–that there is NOTHING WRONG with us–that we ARE COMPLETE–that we don’t need another human to make us whole–then we are ready for the most delightful, deep, satisfying personal relationships. All our desires will manifest in many meaningful and/or intimate relationships.

Ask yourself:

“Am I willing to learn more about myself so I can accept all parts of myself?”

“Am I willing to assign my own sense of worth or value?”

“Do I love and care for myself enough to ‘grieve and get over’ the lost lover?”

“Can I use this opportunity to understand myself better?”

If you ARE willing to grow and learn more about yourself through a difficult loss of a relationship, chances are you will attract someone into your life whose vibration is in beautiful harmony with yours. [© 2003-2010 R. Hanson Enterprises Inc.]

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 2-part series on relationships. Look for more info in future blog posts. Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about Rebecca Hanson’s work, click here.

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