Know thyself, part two

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If you’re not living your own life, then who will?

Know thyself, part two

Yesterday in part one, I promised that today I’d discuss ways to get to know yourself in order to improve your chances of being happy, stress free and successful in life.

Here are 4 fast methods:
1.  Keep a journal. Every day, spend at least three minutes writing about your life — your dreams, your goals, what’s bothering you and what you’d do if somebody told you that you would absolutely positively succeed at it.

2.  Pick one thing in your life that you can start doing differently. And then do it.  It might be actually starting that diet and exercise program you’ve been thinking about. Or finally planning that family reunion you’ve promised the relatives since the baby was born (and the kid is now twelve). Get off your “duff” and do it. No more excuses. What are you waiting for?

3.  To build your self-esteem and feel better about yourself, stop criticizing everything you do. Banish that voice in your head that nags all the time. Instead, praise yourself for what you’ve done thus far in life, and then start praising the people around you, too. You’ll feel great spreading all that happiness and well being.

4.  Spend quiet time each day, at the same time if possible so that you get in the habit (an easy choice is when you brush your teeth, if you can be alone in the bathroom for five minutes or more). Use this “me time” to reflect on the things that you enjoy in life. And find a way to incorporate those things every day. If you love art and wish you could go to the world’s finest museums but you don’t have funds for travel– don’t use that as an excuse to feel sorry for yourself. Go to the library for art books. Watch documentaries on the travel channel when they visit museums. Check out your local museums and see if they participate in any “free day” programs — Bank of America sponsors once a month free days in some locations, to encourage people to attend various events.

Keep adding to the list — as you get to know yourself and what you enjoy, you’ll discover knew ways to feel better each day. And with that increased self-esteem and self-respect come a greater satisfaction with your life.

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