Is Your Dream Big Enough?

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Do you ever lounge around and daydream, coming up with pictures of what you’d like your life to be, relationships you’d enjoy, success you’d be happy to experience? Wait, did I just hear you snort in disbelief that I must not understand how busy you are?


We’re all busy, and we end up with lives so crowded with events on the calendar and chores on the never-ending To Do list that we barely have time to sleep let alone sit idly under a tree and think blissful thoughts. We’ve had daydreaming drilled out of us, usually about the age we start first grade, although sometimes sooner if the day care giver or pre-school teacher runs a tight ship based on old ideas of order through discipline.


But when we keep our focus on all that needs to be done, it’s far too easy to drift away from all that we’d love. And that love of life is why we are here. We’re here to experience more joy and more expansion, and we do that by dreaming up projects and ideas and relationships and events … and then we create them. The joy comes in the doing of these creative things, in the dreaming and unfolding. Not in the goal-setting and grim attention to checklists and spreadsheets and agenda books.


Here’s a lesson from a book titled Immortal Man by Neville Goddard: “First, have a dream, and by a dream I mean a daydream, a gloriously wonderful daydream. Then ask yourself, ‘What would it be like if it were true that I am now the man [or woman] I am dreaming I would like to be. What would it be like?’ Then catch the mood of the wish fulfilled and drench yourself with that feeling.”


Joe Vitale calls it “Nevillizing” a dream when we follow Goddard’s instructions. So what will you Nevillize today? What dream can you snatch off the cold back burner and light a fire under by imagining it to the extent that you fully experience all the details of how it feels, just as if it was happening now?


If you’re not sure what to pick, then start here with an intention such as this:  “Today I will allow myself to be playful and enjoy my life. Okay, I like that. Now, what would that feel like? Mmm, like joy and happiness and laughter and dancing around? Yes! And I feel it now—it feels like I just woke up on the first day of vacation and the world is smiling.”