Is It Okay to Hate Someone Who Has a Hate-Based Agenda?

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We’ve all been trained from early childhood to live pretty much in a “reactive” mode—looking around us, noticing what others are doing, seeing what’s on the news, deciding what side of a political campaign we agree with, or whose part in an argument between friends we think is the correct one.

We let our buttons get pushed as if we actually have physical buttons that are hard-wired to our emotional center. And we react in hurt, anger, outrage, and anxiety when we don’t like what other people or countries are doing.

But what if we are only compounding the “badness” in the world with our own reaction? What if our anger or rage or determination to overcome someone (or something like cancer, poverty, terrorism, childhood hunger) is actually making matters worse?

It’s a difficult concept to wrap our heads around! The very idea seems so contrary to the reality we’ve grown up in and live in every single day that it must be just some esoteric idea being promoted by a few oddballs out there trying to sell their books.

And yet, ancient wisdom that is thousands of years old in every culture teaches us that we become what we think about the most. If we think about getting even with or defeating someone who is on a path of destruction, we actually add more energy to their fear-based behavior. If you pause and imagine a series of energy wave “belts” encircling the globe, and each one is at a different frequency: some are related to thoughts of world peace, love, harmony, caring for one another, growing and expanding in joy as we realize we are all connected in the One Mind. And other belts are on a lower frequency of fearful emotions including rage, anger, depression, discouragement, worry, greed, and the determination to dominate others for the sole purpose of power and immense wealth.

Whatever we are thinking at any given moment is in harmony with one of those “belts” I’ve invented for the purpose of illustration. Although you can’t actually see a “belt” around the equator, there are indeed thought wavelengths that never die. This is a good thing to understand because it means if you are feeling lonely about being the only one among your friends who wants world peace, you can mentally tap into the wavelength of all the other millions on earth who want that, too.

So instead of hating someone who is operating on a low frequency of totalitarianism, hatred, power-madness, simply link yourself up with thoughts of a higher nature. The more we do this, the more we think loving and compassionate thoughts about life in general, the more we will manifest events, experiences and… yes, world peace.

The Dalai Lama is a master of compassion, despite being forced out of his own country by the Red Army in 1959, and then the Chinese government rewrote the history books and educated the children that China always owned Tibet.  His Holiness could probably look at any situation directly and be able to draw on an endless well of compassion and love.

But don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t disciplined your mind and heart to do that, too. We are all progressing in our own rate of spiritual evolution. Many people are stuck in fear and hatred, but that doesn’t mean we should join them by being hateful ourselves.

A quick tip: don’t feel this means you have to bring that angry, hate-filled, person to mind and send loving thoughts directly to him. Most of us aren’t at a high enough level of compassion to pull that off—thinking about the other person’s raging and terrorizing behavior might invoke such feelings of anger and helplessness and worry in your mind that you’ll end up feeling frustrated and upset.

Instead, imagine something or someone that brings up a happy and contented feeling inside you: it could be thinking about a child you love, a butterfly, a happy memory of celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Then, while thinking of that person or event, let the feelings of peace wash up in you and spill over into your life.

Imagine there are sparkling golden lights dancing around you, and let yourself be calm. You’ve just connected with the power of love.

And love always trumps hate. Always. Even Hitler was eventually defeated.