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What do you do when you are irritated by noises and annoying people?

On my return flight from NYC to Los Angeles, it was late at night and most of the passengers on the full plane were dozing. In the back of the plane, however, a little boy of about eight or nine years old wasn’t a bit tired. He talked nonstop and very loud for hours. And hours.

Annoyed people would burst out occasionally with a pointed comment: “Shhh!” or “Quiet!” or “Hey, it’s 1:30 A.M.!”

But to no avail. He continued to prattle on. The flight attendants were oblivious.  His parents, too.

The stranger next to me in the aisle seat put on his headphones and tried to sleep.

In my mind, I got up and went back to ask the child to pipe down, but I didn’t want to disturb the man next to me. And, frankly, I was very tired and trying to sleep. I was in that “twilight” zone where you are just about to sleep but can’t. I had on headphones, listening to music, but even turning up the volume couldn’t drown out that child’s loud voice.

So what did I do, to avoid being stressed and irritated?

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