How to Increase Your Faith in Your Power to Create

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Where do we get the idea that we aren’t all inherently creative? I think it’s because we’ve been taught from an early age, generation after generation, that creativity is the province of special people, and on top of that limitation, we are only talking about something visible of a high nature such as brilliant art, soaring architecture, uplifting music or breathtaking feats in the performing arts and sports.


The truth is, we create nonstop all day every day, every waking moment. We create and shape and form the substance of our lives, and we do this with our thoughts. We think about bad things happening to other people, and fear that type of thing will happen to us and our loved ones, and later on, when bad things do happen in our lives, we don’t see the connection. It’s as if we stumble through life, sleep-walking and unaware of our true power.


But all that is changing, and we have quantum physics to thank for our growing understanding that we live in an inside-out universe, meaning the thought, the imaging, comes first from within, and then manifests on the outside.


During these years of transition, as we grasp the new way of utilizing the power of our mind to create results more to our liking instead of a random mishmash that’s the result of misdirected or un-directed thoughts, it’s helpful to learn techniques and ideas for shifting our habitual thought patterns. It takes making a commitment to change, and it takes a willingness to embrace concepts that might seem strange at first.


Perhaps the hardest part for most of us it that we are simply so accustomed to going through the day reacting to what’s around us and allowing a steady stream of unmonitored thoughts to rule our power center.  Here’s a chapter from Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend, which I think will help in the process of understanding your true nature, and the gift of creative power that has been yours since birth.


How to Increase Your Faith

But you ask, “How can I speak the word of Faith when I have little or no faith?”


Every living thing has faith in something or somebody. Faith is that quality of Power which gives the Creative Energy a corresponding vitality, and the vitality in the word of Faith you use causes it to take corresponding physical form. Even intense fear is alive with faith. You fear smallpox because you believe it possible for you to contract it. You fear poverty and loneliness because you believe them possible for you. It is the Faith which understands that every creation had its birth in the womb of thought-words, that gives you dominion over all things, your lesser self included, and this feeling of faith is increased and intensified through observing what it does.


Your constant observation should be of your state of consciousness when you did; not when you hoped you might, but feared it was too good to be true. How did you feel that time when you simply had to bring yourself into a better frame of mind and did, or you had to have a certain thing and got it? Live these experiences over again and again—mentally—until you really feel in touch with the self which knows and does, and then the best there is, is yours.