Inauguration Countdown Day 31–Are You Properly Armed?

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For the next month, until Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017, I will be blogging about how we can “combat” the extreme hate-based agenda of Donald Trump. We will do so in a non-violent way, getting deeper into using the Law of Attraction and other principles of mind power that most of us never learned to access. If you properly arm yourself with faith that love always trumps hate, then you don’t have to be afraid of what will happen in the next four years with Trump at the helm. Guess what? He didn’t buy the White House and he doesn’t get to plaster his name over it…not unless we all fall down in fear and allow him to trample across our great nation.

We have opportunities for growth that will arise from what appears to be the muck of the Electoral College results.

Now is the time to come together. United, We the People, the majority voters in the 2016 election, can make a big difference. We can, in fact, neutralize the radical plans Trump has for destruction and devastation to so many of the progressive issues important to all compassionate and loving people, no matter what “party” affiliation you may have.

My book “America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters” is available now for pre-order on Amazon. It will be released on 1/20/2017. Order here:

America's New Breed of Freedom Fighters book cover

Among other topics and inspiration for change, the book includes information about Trump’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You may have noticed how easily he is enraged when he feels thwarted, and when he doesn’t like what someone else is saying. That’s a big clue to his narcissism, but we don’t have to lie down and be his doormats.


We the Peaceful have more power than we think. Power to envision the desired outcome in order to stop his agenda in its tracks before he gets started on his path of destroying hard-won advances in civil rights, voter rights, minimum wage, health care for women and children, education, environmental issues and animal rights, and so much more. 


If we allow ourselves to dread his taking office, and focus on the anger and fear, then we actually pour more power into his agenda–in essence, we become inadvertent collaborators! Let’s not do that. Join with me now and become one of America’s new breed of freedom fighters. Together, this new resistance has potential to create wonderful transformation and change in our country.