I’m taking a stand against licorice jelly beans

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I have a confession to make. I love jelly beans. My favorite brand is Brach’s classic jelly beans that are in all the stores right now because Easter is coming. BUT I hate licorice and I just finished picking all the black jelly beans out of a 4-lb bag and now I’ve got a bowful that are of no use to me. What can you use them for? Nothing. It could be a huge stress, if I let it. (But of course, as your happiness guru, I wouldn’t dream of being stressed-out, especially not over candy.)

I did an informal poll recently (please don’t ask for the precise stats and demographics) and discovered that 100% of the people I know HATE  licorice candy!

I think Brach’s should make a package available that’s got only the good flavors (meaning the other 7, which I do like!), and leave out the licorice. As soon as I have nothing more important to do, I’ll start a campaign to that end.

Please comment:  do you like or dislike licorice jelly beans?

Until later,

Evelyn Brooks

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