I Alone Can Do This

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In the brilliant (and funny) book “The Dalai Lama’s Cat” by David Michie, the cat, “HHC” (“His Holiness’s Cat,” a name she favors over several nicknames given to her) learns a lesson about taking action in your own life, about being accountable, about being responsible. And the key words that help her are:“I alone can do this.”

When I thought of those words recently, I knew they could help me, too. I was readying for the 7/6/16 announcement of “Restoring Tibet” and feeling, frankly, more than a little nervous that I was stepping out alone with a public announcement and no team behind me, no participants signed up, no one but me with a really big dream: return the Dalai Lama to Tibet.
Those calming and empowering words came to me and I knew “if not me, then who?” was also a proverb that applied to the situation.
I feel that saying “I alone can do this” is not an ego-filled, strutting around kind of statement where someone is bragging about their superiority. It means I take responsibility for being congruent with my dreams. If I say in my inner world that I really want to pull off this miracle, and then back away from my commitment to announce it on the Dalai Lama’s birthday (which was 7/6) that’s not being congruent. That’s letting fear win. That’s letting a “little me” back off and whisper: Let somebody else do this.
In all of our lives, we have times of challenge, times when it would be all to easy to slip into the shadows and not live our greatness, times when it is tempting to point “out there” and convince ourselves that we really are the wrong person for this task and someone more worthy, more well-known, more important will do it.
When I got the idea for sending the Dalai Lama home, I knew so little about him that I rushed to “like” his Facebook page to at least show some kind of solidarity. I’m not Buddhist. I admire His Holiness and agree with his teachings of compassion, forgiveness, love, and kindness. But surely someone else would be more qualified than me to lead him home, right?
Is there something in your life, perhaps a dream tucked away in a corner, that still calls to you? Something you would really love to create, to experience, to bring forth?
Then don’t wait and expect someone “better” to come along. If it’s YOUR idea and YOUR dream, then you’ve got all you need to make it happen. Hold fast to your vision, and you’ll attract all the next inspired actions to take.