How Do You Make Fear Go Away?

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When we look at emotions, at first it can seem like there are so many different ones: happiness, love, compassion, annoyance, hate, despair, confusion, bliss, and so many more in a wide range of changeable feelings.  However, if we simplify matters, we can set up two umbrellas, one for “Love” and one for “Fear,” and then place all emotions under the appropriate umbrella.  If it’s an emotion that feels good to us when we experience it, then we can put it under the category of “Love.” Most of us were taught that “hate” is the opposite of love, and yet it is more accurate to say that “Fear” is the overall umbrella for what we term the negative emotions.  Hatred is an outcropping of fear.


But what can we do about it when we feel in the clutch of fearful emotions? Whether we call it a panic attack, “GAD” (General Anxiety Disorder), disgust, contempt, or nervousness, it comes about when our thoughts have instantaneously judged a situation and sounded an alarm: danger! Get ready to run!


You’ve heard of the “fight or flight” syndrome that pops up with fear—it’s our incredible bodies preparing us with a rush of hormones and energy to defend ourselves or to flee. Nowadays, it’s rare that we are being chased by a sabre-toothed tiger, but our bodies can’t tell the difference between the perceived threat of poverty as you open a credit card bill, or the actual threat of physical danger. Indeed our emotions are tied completely to our thoughts, but the emotion happens so swiftly we don’t often take time to get curious about why we are feeling the way we are in any given moment. It seems to be so random, so out of our control.


But what if you could do something to ease your fears? To make your fears go away? Here is a wonderful affirmation to help you do just that. This comes from Thomas Troward who was a famous philosopher and metaphysical author/teacher early in the last century.


“I am breathing in the life, love and power of the universe right now! I and my father of love are ONE. I am protected and supplied with all the love and power life has to give.”


Repeat that affirmative statement slowly to yourself, again and again until you feel calmer. You will discover that your fear has disappeared. And in that calmer state of being, you will be more capable of making decisions and choices about your life instead of reacting in haste that could lead to worse problems.