How to boost your level of confidence

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Sometimes the beginning of a new year – or any new period in your life – can make you suddenly stop and question yourself. You might feel uncertain about goals you made, or unsure how to go about achieving them. Even if you have a program in place to help you learn effective ways to set your goals, you might flounder.

Here’s a quick way to give yourself a shot of self-confidence — LAUGH!

That’s right, simply stop what you are doing right now. Put aside your worries. Quit thinking about your To Do List and all the things you “must” take care of before bedtime.  All those man-made burdens are weighing you down, aren’t they? So instead of worrying and fretting, lighten up and boost your mood with laughter.

You don’t really need a reason to laugh, do you? Go ahead — start with a giggle, then let it roll out into a big chuckle and from there simply let loose with full on laughter.  If you can’t remember how to laugh, then you have gotten in way too deep, and I highly recommend getting Instant Access to the ebook of my Amazon bestselling stress management book — Forget Your Troubles.  It costs less than a pizza and the results last – so what are you waiting for? Go now — Forget Your Troubles

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