How can you choose to be happier?

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Forget Your Troubles, Get Happy Today Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as having said:  “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

At a glance, that may seem like a stupid saying. If you are caught up in feeling sad, depressed, anxious and unhappy, it may feel that you are a victim of circumstances — rather than the master of your ship!

And yet, it is true because happiness isn’t something that happens to us from the outside, but rather a choice we make in our daily attitude.

Here are 3 tips to get you started — read more in my books — buy here or at Amazon

  1. Each morning, when you get up, get in the habit of saying a prayer or meditation or affirmation (even better – do all three!) that gets your mind in a positive vibration.  Even something as simple as saying, “Thank you, God, for a beautiful day and please help me use my time here wisely” can get you on the right track very quickly.
  2. Throughout the day, notice when you are feeling discouraged, upset or worried. Immediately slap your thigh and say firmly – either out loud or silently – “STOP THAT!”  At once, replace the negative energy with your thankfulness statement. Staying in an attitude of gratitude is a rapid remedy for all that ails you — try it and you’ll see the truth of my claim.
  3. At the end of each day, instead of lying in bed scolding yourself for mistakes made and worrying about all you left undone, release the day to the night, with a simple prayer of gratitude such as “Thank you, Spirit, for this day and the lessons I learned.”  Rest well, knowing you can advance in your growth day by day, but only if you let go of the stress of being unhappy and anxious.

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to your happiness and success,

Evelyn Brooks

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