How about a nice Hawaiian punch?

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Ever since I’ve started using a heavy bag (tall punching bag that weighs 80 pounds and is suspended by a chain from a freestanding metal frame), I find myself thinking of an old Hawaiian punch commercial. The voice would ask you “How about a nice Hawaiian punch?” And then BAM the cartoon guy in the ad would get knocked out.  As I recall, we thought it was funny and clever at the time.

What I think of now is how violent our society is. But you can still take a BAM! POW! lesson to heart in handling your stress — PUNCH something!  It’s amazing how much tension it releases in your physical body, and when you get rid of some of that built-up stress, you also feel better mentally and emotionally. Why does it work?

Why does punching something make us feel better? Because we are wired to feel explosive when we feel frustrated and angry. If you stuff your feelings instead of finding healthy ways to release them, you set yourself up for chronic stress which leads to diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Much more fun to PUNCH something really hard. Be sure to protect your hands properly if you decide to use an actual punching bag. I wear Everlast training gloves that have padding over the knuckle area.

Another way to release tension with a lot of punching is to make bread by hand. Punch and knead the yeast dough. You will not only yield a lovely, high-rising loaf of bread, but you’ll smash your stress.

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