Holiday stress

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The holiday season is upon us. Depending on your outlook you are either excited about the fun opportunities and making plans to celebrate being with family and friends. OR you are totally stressed out already with a gazillion worries spinning in your head…

Do your thoughts look something like this, but all of it overlapping and chattering at you at the same time like a dozen monkeys on your back?

  • I need to make my holiday card list, then get the cards, buy stamps… no wait, maybe I’ll do email cards, no I could write a holiday newsletter, or wait, I could…
  • What about gifts! I have to go shopping at the sales, or maybe I should do it all online and  have things shipped, will people think that’s impersonal and think poorly of me?
  • I probably should spring for a holiday party this year, but what kind? I need to keep the expense down. Or maybe I’ll just splurge and do something fancy. No, maybe a pot luck with a few friends.
  • I’d like to travel somewhere but how could I work that into my schedule? Maybe I could work extra hard each day so I can take time off… or maybe…

Okay, you get the point. All those anxious thoughts are gonna drive you nuts if you allow them to run the ship. To help yourself visualize the craziness of it, imagine that each of those thoughts is able to spring into action and start dashing here, then there, filled with indecision and no goals at all.

So a quick way to corral that stressful thinking is to quietly calm yourself and ask this question: What would I really like the most this holiday season? What would make it feel really special to me?

Once you know that answer, you will be able to more calmly make your lists of any get-togethers you’d like to plan and so on.

In the meantime, don’t forget to breathe. And relax your body completely.

Deep slow breathing will halt the anxiety very quickly.

your happiness guru,


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