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Monday, February 19th, 2018

What’s Going On In Your Heart?

What negative forces are coursing through your whole system, creating havoc and upset? 

Fear? Regret? Anxiety? 

You CAN stop the cycling of these forces–and replace them with amazing habits for success in every area of your life! I can teach you how to revive and heal your broken dreams for happiness, love and peace of mind. It’s NOT too late, no matter what your age is. I can help you put the pieces of your life back together again, no matter how bad it seems today.

I know what it’s like to plunge deep into a dark night of the soul that lasts for years, even when you manage to keep going through the motions of living, and try to wear a smile for others.

Let me tell you about a special home training program I’ve created to help you transform your broken heart so you can enjoy a happier life.

Would you like to learn how to smile again, and have that smile reach your eyes? It won’t happen by magic, but I can show you how to discover joy no matter what you’ve been through up until now.

I spent many years of my life smiling on the outside, but my smile wasn’t the evidence of soul-fulfilling joy like I enjoy today. It was a brave front. I didn’t think anyone would understand my pain. And I didn’t want to keep talking about all the things that had happened. I did what so many of us learn to do: pick up your burden and keep marching.

I’ve learned many technologies for success and happiness that I’ll teach you. But there’s even more to share, from my heart to yours–things I’ve learned the hard way, through trial and error in my own personal journey from grief and heartache to happiness. I’m in love with my life…every day.

Did “shift” happen and now your heart is in a million pieces? I know what that’s like, and the problem in our society is that we learn to “move on” instead of actually healing our pain and our grief. Now, whether what happened is recent, or whether it’s from long ago—it doesn’t matter. Our mind sees it as happening right now when we keep it alive, and we keep the pain active in our lives. That’s why it continues to hurt so much, when you can’t seem to let go of something that happened. Maybe it was a bad divorce. Maybe it was the shock of betrayal in your life. Maybe you’re grieving someone (or a beloved pet) you lost.

All of these negative feelings and thoughts produce a nervous system that is overloaded with STRESS! You probably know that unrelenting stress is very bad for your mental, emotional and physical health…and yet you may feel helpless to change anything. You’re stuck.

You were born with tools for amazing success. 

You are absolutely capable of realizing your dreams!

Most of us have become handicapped by accepting toxic messages from our circumstances and the people around us who are well-meaning but inadvertently compound the errors in our thinking.

We’ve come to accept a lower performance level from ourselves.

I grew up with a lot of survivor’s guilt from tragedies in childhood. I embarked on a pattern of self-sabotage and people-pleasing relationships where I was so codependent that I couldn’t possibly be happy. The reason for all that is, of course, I had never healed properly. My thinking and my belief and my image of myself needed help. I still saw myself as a sad and grieving child, even though on the outside I was able to achieve success.  I was able to keep up appearances. I was able to pretend to be happy.

We all know that pretense is not much fun. It really isn’t. And the thing about feeling stuck in any kind of broken dream is that you cannot move forward. It’s almost as if you are chained to that past event.

Let me teach you how to find those gold nuggets in the past event. How to heal the pain. How to recognize painful events while they’re still in a small stage, and Life doesn’t have to hit you over the head with a two by four to get your attention that you’re headed down the wrong path.

The key is to access the power of your true thinking.

Were you taught to look at the conditions and circumstances of your life and use that to decide whether or not to be happy and joyful? That’s what most of us learned to do. And we also get the idea—which is a wrong idea—that when something bad happens, it would be disloyal to the person we lost, or it would be kind of frivolous if we were happy “too soon.” And that’s just not right. We are here to create joy and love, and to help others do the same thing.

What’s holding you back?

Sometimes it can feel scary to move forward! But remember this: The power of this Benevolent Universe is abundant. Full access to that power is available to you — regardless of your past. Flip the switch and let it flow!

Success might require reworking your beliefs about the world, your habitual emotional responses, and your behaviors. It isn’t easy on your own. It takes time to calm your nervous system, build a new dream for yourself and create a support structure that allows that dream to manifest in your life. 

When you’re ready to embrace a new outlook, results come remarkably quickly.

Like a caterpillar in metamorphosis, you start to rearrange those broken pieces of your life–and soon you soar! My downloadable “Heal Your Broken Dreams” life coaching is a 28-day process. We begin by looking at your most difficult hours, those times when you felt more like a lowly worm than a butterfly. These memories can be dream-stealers: When we try to bury them, they only fester and do further harm. Revisiting these moments can be painful at first…but it’s part of the healing process! And once the dark times are acknowledged, they can be re-framed. They become lighter baggage and helpful tools for your upcoming Hero’s Journey.

Let me help you get back on track and start enjoying your life again!

Are You WILLING To Let Go Of The Dark Night…

And Allow Healing LIGHT To Transform Your Life?

… yours for ONLY $27

Heal Your Broken Dreams product 

4 hours of coaching lesson audios
Plus an Action Guide
 (and surprise gifts not listed here)


Let Me Take You By The Hand

And Coach You Out Of This Time Of Heartache!

Creating a joyous life requires active listening and reflection. It takes more than feeling “inspired”–it takes action steps–one after another–that move you out of the dark pit and up into the light. I’ll help you with this passage, so you don’t have to struggle alone ever again. Each week you’ll listen to an audio session that’s packed with inspirational insights and concrete strategies that you can apply immediately. PLUS… you’ll also get a PDF transcript of each audio lesson and “Lifework” worksheets. The worksheets tailor my life coaching to your needs and dreams, helping you gain clarity and develop a workable action plan!Let’s get you started now on the right path… And get you through this “dark night of the soul” experience so you can stop feeling anxious, upset and confused. The only way any of us can get different results in life is to stop doing the same old things, wishing and hoping for change!

I invite you to take an action now and invest in your own happiness. Payments are processed securely by PayPal — you can use your checking account, debit card or credit card. You don’t even need a PayPal account.

You Can’t Move Forward When The Past Is Holding You Back!

If you want my help, I can show you how to break that cycle you’re stuck in. You see, when there’s a “disconnect” between what you’ve got in your life right now, and what you’d really love to be experiencing instead, that static creates tension and stress in your nervous system. It’s hard to enjoy life when you feel a knot in your stomach and a hole in your heart every day. I spent much of my life bravely carrying on and trying to pretend everything was fine–until I finally learned how to look tragedy, trauma and upset right in the eye and discover the treasures they could teach me, to help me grow into a fuller and more expanded version of my self. And, yes, to be happy again.

Healing Your Broken Dreams Can Start Today!

Enjoying your life does not mean you are being disloyal to those you may have lost. I’ll help you release that belief and all the other limiting ideas that are blocking you from experiencing the joy you deserve to have. Learn how to honor and appreciate the Gift of Life you hold in your own hands:  YOUR life!

Let me help you — you’ll hear my gentle, encouraging voice on each lesson audio, guiding you forward, being at your side, helping you even though the road feels rough and you’re not sure you can handle this. I’ll teach you how to stop saying to yourself: “I’m ruined! My life is over! I’ll never be happy again!”

Why wait any longer, when you can start feeling better today with the very first heartwarming lesson?   You’ll have Instant Access to material you can start listening to and reading right now. Within days, you’ll be enjoying peace of mind and transformational results!

I can help you — whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster…or a storm of your heart such as divorce, a medical challenge, the loss of a loved one or any other catastrophe that you need help healing from. Don’t keep sitting with all this pain and stress in your heart.

Sign up now–it’s only $27–and be on your way to a brighter future.

with love,

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 P.S. It’s totally RISK-FREE!  If you study the course material as suggested, do the assigned worksheets, and apply the lessons to your daily life for at least four weeks, and you are not satisfied with this program, send me an email and your purchase will be refunded.