Guest: James Van Praagh on Loss

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“Loss is part of our life experience and, inevitably, we all must face some kind of loss while we are walking on this earth. It is part of what makes us human.” ~ James Van Praagh, in his new book “Growing Up in Heaven.”

Based on nearly thirty years of spirit communication & filled with countless awe-inspiring, uplifting true stories & profound messages of love, this intimate look at HEAVEN provides a remarkably detailed portrayal of a child’s soul as it moves from this world to the next. Get JamesVanPraagh’s newest book–just click the Amazon button:



After you purchase the book (I got my copy in Kindle format and I’m already reading it!), go to and fill out the purchase confirmation info to access bonus gifts and a chance to get a free reading from James.

I am honored that I was selected to be one of only 30 sponsors giving an exclusive gift during his book launch — be sure to look for my gifts and let me know if you enjoyed them.  For this special event, I created a brand new guided imagery meditation to help you heal from grief and loss.  Whether you’re coping with the loss of a relationship or the death of a loved one, or the loss of your lifestyle in the economic downturn, you CAN feel better, and I’d really like to help.

to your happiness and peace of mind,

Evelyn Brooks

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