Free Teleclass Escape from Hell of Grief and Loss

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The event is over —  enjoy the one-hour replay here as my gift to you:

If you feel like you’ve been gut-punched, I can relate to that. My life story includes loss and trauma that began at a very early age. I know what it’s like to feel like “Grief” is your middle name.

But I know the way out of that private hell, no matter what issues have led to your feeling so stuck and unhappy (even if you’ve gotten good at smiling on the outside to hide your pain).  It would be an honor and a privilege to help you get “unstuck” from the grief that is tearing you up inside.

If you answer “yes” to even one of these, you need to be on this call:

— you experienced a recent loss of a loved one

— you had losses in the past that are still quietly aching and silently bleeding

— you are newly divorced

— you’ve got lingering psychic pain from childhood trauma such as bullying, assault, loss

–you’re reeling from a loss of employment

— you’re trying to wrap your head around the serious illness that was diagnosed in yourself or someone you care about

— you feel that life is just too darn hard to keep going much longer, and you’re hanging on by your thumbs

I can help you reclaim your joy in life. Let’s talk.

PS If you are severely depressed, please call this 24/7 Hotline 1-800-273-8255

with love,


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