Free Gift AffirmaJams Mp3 by Irene Boggs

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After you watch the short video below, I’m sure you’re gonna race over to Irene Boggs’ site to claim your no-cost MP3 from her.

Irene is absolutely amazing and I know you’re going to love love love the clever lyrics in the lively affirmations she sings for all of us.

I use AffirmaJams as a quick pick-me-up any time of the day, to remind me to get back on track if I have inadvertently slipped into some negative thinking!

The dominant conversation in our society is negative — all about lack, limitation, problems that are supposedly “too big” for us to solve (ain’t no such thing – the Universe is bigger than any problem you might have). AffirmaJams by Irene Boggs are affirmations with music and lyrics, so you can hum or sing along and actually be retraining your thinking at the same time!

So watch the short video (it’s only 39 seconds!), then go visit Irene and claim instant access to her gift for you. She gives you the web site in the video — but here it is for your convenience:  CLICK HERE

to your happiness and productivity,


PS I’m a Dream Builder Coach, certified by the fabulous Mary Morrissey … who just happens to be Irene’s mother-in-law!  Big hugs to you, Irene –See you at the next live event!

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