Feeling stressed out?

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Wishing your life would change will do absolutely nothing for your stress. The only thing that really works is to understand how to manage your feelings of being overwhelmed, and do something about it.

Here are the quick things to remember:

  • Breathe! When you’re stressed and anxious, your breathing usually gets rapid and shallow, which makes your symptoms even worse.  Do conscious breathing where you breathe in slowly and deeply, and exhale slowly.
  • Become aware of how you are reacting to life. Learn to stop, consider your options and then respond to events rather than letting your hot buttons be pushed all the time.
  • Meditate. Each day, spend at least 5 minutes in the morning and again in the evening on being quiet. Still your mind. Use guided imagery CDs if you have a hard time getting those thoughts under control. Relax fully. You will feel more energized.
  • Learn how to manage your stress in “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today” – get instant access to the ebook HERE

If you haven’t read it, why not? It will make a huge difference in your life for a very small cost – you spend more at Starbucks to get a caffeine jolt that only lasts a few hours. Invest in yourself and the rewards will last for the rest of your life.

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