Why Feeling Is the Secret to Manifesting

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Why Feeling Is the Secret to Manifesting

Have you ever wanted something so much you could practically “taste it” as the saying goes? Perhaps it was a tangible item— such as a new watch, new or classic car, an item of clothing—or a desired experience –such as a new job or a wonderful vacation. You felt great just thinking about it. Without realizing it (unless you are a deliberate manifestor) you were using the laws of the mind to attract that item or experience into your life.


Unfortunately, most of the time our old training kicks in and we convince ourselves we’ll never get what we want or we’d better plan on settling for something less instead.


If you want to change the kind of results your get in your life, it’s time to understand the process starts with imagining what you want and going into such rapture over it that you feel you already have it—and then, in that feeling mode, you will begin attracting the “how to” steps to take. People will show up in your life, special deals on that car you wanted will suddenly appear, all kinds of “coincidences” will help you get what you want. But it’s not magic and it’s not good luck: it’s using our thoughts in a more powerful way than most of us have ever learned.


In his book The Power of Awareness, Neville Goddard points out: “If you do not believe that you are He (the person you want to be), then you remain as you are. Through the faithful systematic cultivation of the feeling of the wish fulfilled, desire becomes the promise of its own fulfillment. The assumption of the feeling of the wish fulfilled makes the future dream a present fact.”


So, what are you going to feel your way towards next?